Thursday, April 3, 2008

Do you know what an ID 10 T Error is??? "Data Image Recovery"

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Well I do... and I have done it.. idiot.. thats me.

Ok so in my original post Welcome I mentioned something about diving deep in to the Digital Photography realm. Well after shooting a bunch of pictures I figured “hey its time to upload them to my laptop”. So plugged the camera in to the USB port awaited the EOS utility to appear (this takes an inordinate amount of time on my little Dell). Finally after what seemed like an eternity (made a new pot of coffee, had a cup) it popped up and off we went, buzzing all of the pictures down in to the designated folder. This takes a bit as well (off to have another cup, hmmm not going to sleep tonight are we?) something odd happened .. EOS utility just stopped downloading .. I though “huh maybe it did get everything...”
Here is where the ID 10 T thing cropped up .. “Kewl all done I will just format the card and put the other one in that I need to download” (Great, Fantastic, just Freeking Awesome Idea). Put the new card in waited again for the utility to do its thing and blip .. up pops the notifier “Battery to Low to Continue”. DOH what have I done??? Not that there was anything really important (it is to me) on the other card that I had formated but still “AAAAARRRRGGGGG...” how could I be so stupid cardinal rule for any data transfer “MAKE SURE IT MADE IT TO IT'S DESTINATION DOUBLE CHECK IF NEED BE”.

Ok so now what.. Being a Techie.... (ha, obviously not such a good one now are ya?) I did remember glancing at a few data recovery tools in the past that I though would not have much use for me at the time (I am A+, Linux, among other things Certifiable or is that certified tech why on God's Green Earth would I need something like that.). Off to one of my favorite sites key word search .. “file recovery format fat” Wahoo tons of files match and state they can recover everything. (LOL, yeah right) Started downloading file after file on to my computer (hey if it starts acting funny, wipe out and reload the OS whats another 4 hrs of life gone?)

Here is my set up:
editting setup web stuff

Dell C400 1.3Ghz PIII
512MB ram
120GB Western Digital HDD

pc card reader
(bugger... and I call myself a photographer ... this is not my work got to be someone else blurry.. have to redo and repost.)
PCMCIA card reader for the Lexar CompactFlash card (oohhhh 1GB .. hey I'm married with children have to budget things accordingly my toys don't come first)

Oh and WinXP ..(yeah, yeah I know .. could be using a Mac or Linux or something..)

Zero Assumption: Not sure if it works in this instance it started through its evaluation of the flash card and I just could not wait to see if it was going to find my files. And that was after waiting for 30 min or more. (so I'm a little impatient).

DiskInternals FAT recovery:
also just as slow for the waiting thing, but immediately started to find my files so I let it go (what the heck it's only 1 o'clock in the morning not like I need to be up a few hours to run the weekly meeting or any thing right??) but at the end it said it could recover the files and I could even see thumbnails of my RAW photo's that I erased by formating the card. Whew this is good one press of the button and I should have them back. “FYI: the demo just allows you to see that you can retrieve the files. You need to go on line and buy their software to get anywhere. Seems to be a good set of software though but not for me.

**** RANT****
I'm up for software writers to get paid for what they do I really am... but hey I need my stuff back and like I had mentioned before .. “I'm married with children” so I can't just shell out $$ when ever I want (well I guess I could, but then house wouldn't get paid food on the table... stuff like that)
I like the shareware thing, common license, or GPL and give credit where credit is due. And most of these folks you can donate to as well... (all of this stuff is expencive too many hobbies to little $$)
****End of RANT***

File Scavenger 3.2 :
This just did not seem to work at all, (for what I needed) the writers of the code obviously put in the time and effort .. but just did not work. And if it did ... ya got to pay

Also did not work. User friendly interface .. but no files

Now I'm really getting frustrated ...

key word : format data recovery fat free (get this free stuff :))

Finally got some where.... (ha... this is it .. its got to be it)

PC Inspector smart recovery 4.5 :
CONVAR Deutschland is a subsidiary of the English company group, CONVAR EUROPE Ltd, with headquarters in Rochester / England.

Kudo's to these folks, great user interface, even does *.cr2 for raw image search, found all my files and then some that were previously formated off the card. Wow could not say more. (FYI did not keep the original names of the files .. but hey they are back) This did take a while couple three hours. But well worth it .. in my opinion.

So if you have found your self in the same predicament .. try it out I think they are all on the up and up.


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