Monday, January 19, 2009

Google FeedBurner Leaving Users out in the cold

FeedBurner Site Visitors statistics missing after migrating to Google FeedBurner.

Larger view of screen shot
Over the weekend I noticed FeedBurner was migrating all of its user accounts to Google. I used FeedBurner on a daily basis because it would give me relatively real time statistics for visitors with the Pro and Fan option. These items were really useful to me because it would tell me how many hits I had on my sites as well as where they were coming from be it Google search or other web sites.

And this was real time information that I could use to help people that were reading my sites. Not only would it tell me from where they came from but also what pages they were looking at. Well after the 45 min migration on Sunday I was hit with this when I opened Google version of FeedBurner and immediately felt like they left us out in the cold.

Larger view of screen shot


** Warning if you utilize any of the items listed. Don’t migrate till it is absolutely necessary ***

Currently the new version of FeedBurner from Google has removed all of these nifty tools. There are no longer options for Site Stats the only thing you get are Feed Stats. Unfortunately I do not have screen shots for the previous stats to show.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

DigiMateIII required Photography Tool's

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Now this is one really cool little item I think every person that is in to photography should have in their arsenal of toys. Its the DigiMateIII it will accommodate a 2.5” hard drive (laptop hard drive) right now I have 60GB drive in there. It reads .....

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Water Photography


High Speed Photography with Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs (CFL's)

Another lazy Sunday spending some time with the family. Oldest had indoor soccer practice this morning and a brunch with the team. It was good to visit with some folks I had not seen in a while.

We tried to watch a movie this afternoon but did not read up on what it was, needless to say it was not even 5 minutes in to the movie and that got turned off. So we started to watch the ball games. It may be just me but unless the Broncos are playing (even then) I just can't sit and watch a game I have to be doing something else or I would fall asleep.

Grab my camera and in to the bathroom.. (lol not what you think.)


I have taken some high speed shots be for and wanted to see what I could do with water again. Unfortunately the shots did not come out as well as I would have liked. Most of the drops were out of focus. All in all I took about 300 shots till I got the 6 I uploaded to flickr.

Here is the setup, I could not get my strobe's to recycle fast enough to take these kind of pictures and it does require a massive amount of light to get anything. Back to my trusty CFL's (compact florescent lights) 5500k 27w nvision bulbs in clamp shop lights available at your local Home Depot. Side note here things look clean when looking at them with normal indoor lights. Wow when you throw that much light on something you notice its not as clean as you think.


The shots were taken at with an exif of:

Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi
0.001 sec (1/1000)
F/2.2 to 1.8
Focal Length:
50 mm
ISO Speed:
Exposure Bias:
0/3 EV
Flash did not fire

Horizontal (normal)
350 dpi
350 dpi
Digital Photo Professional

What do you think? Like I said I'm not as happy with these but it was worth the try.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

March of the Crunch Bell's

March of the Crunch1
Another off camera flash photography how to / diy
with the cegeekbook off camera flash photography beginner

I don't claim to be a good photographer by any stretch of the imagination the only classes I have taken were back in High School and I will not say how long ago that was.

Just another Sunday, everybody's bumming around the.......

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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Need Help Terminal Server, Citrix, and Quickbooks

Here is the configuration, Windows 2003 with Terminal Server, Citrix and Quickbooks on the server among other applications we need to run the business. Clients are dumb terminals from NeoWare. Printers are old DOT Matrix (yeah I know come out of the dark ages)

*** side note we are still using applications that require win98 so that is also running on the server under virtual machines served up through Citrix as well. I know convoluted isn't it?***

Was sitting at the front desk on Wednesday after noon contemplating the Twitter issues I was experiencing waiting for the next pearl of wisdom to be tweeted, when from over the balcony I hear “Help”. Our administrative “do all” (she is not a secretary no way I would ever call her that she does way too much) is peering over the edge looking at me. We are trying to get a jump start on taxes this year so she is desperately trying to get the W2's printed out so we can file and get them out to employees as fast as possible. We know all to well that it has been a bad year for all and when sales are down so is everybody's paychecks this may help them get a bit of relief early.

Here is the problem this is the first year of using this version of Quickbooks on the server, version 2005 had no issues what so ever. 2008 on the other hand got finicky it would print one may be two W2's and then quit while the print spooler was showing jobs still in the queue. No matter what I did tweaks or tricks I could not get it to continue correctly. And the queue would not clear out no matter what I did till I took the printer off line and reset the print server (little linksys box with 2 lpt's and a usb port network connected). Thought it might be either the printer it self or the print server so I changed to another printer to no avail. Then hooked the printer directly to the Terminal still no good. By this time it is way past time for her to go home and I'm running out of patients so I decide we will wrap it up for the night and figure it out in the morning.

My final resolution was to bring my laptop up the next morning and connect it directly to the printer and print the W2's my self. This was not such an easy task either cause I rarely use it on my laptop so I had to go through all of the updates for the application and payroll updates. So it still took 2 hours to get through it.

Hope some one has some suggestions cause I don't want to have other issues with it this year.

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