Thursday, April 3, 2008

Welcome to CE's Geekbook.

I started this blog because I am a geek at heart and need a place to keep all of my stuff that I will end up forgetting if I don't type it somewhere. This site is not for any one specific thing, item, or thought. My thoughts tend to go in a million different directions at any one time. At the moment I have jumped in to the realm of digital photography with a Canon XTi the 2 lenses that came with it and a “nifty fifty”.

Oh and by the way, If you do by some stretch of the imagination read any, some, or all of my posts (lord knows why you would want to.) you may come across those little bracket things ... That is just my inner voice chiming in (my rice krispies talk to me too)
You can see some of my work at

Comments are always welcome.


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