Monday, February 9, 2009

Tweet To Me

What Twitter is to me.

"These are real people I want to connect with and share interests."

I am @ceseco

I joined this thing called Twitter. If you want to know what drinking from a fire hose is like, join the community and try following people of like interests. I follow just about every one whom interests me if you follow me first I do check you out your tweets and your attached web site. If you are right or left on politics, I will follow. One thing I have learned over the years is do not let politics or religion get in the way of friendships or acquaintances we are all different and have opinions this is what makes the world interesting. If all of your tweets consist of promoting your affiliate web site and there is no personal substance there I will not follow back.

This community tweet thing has been calling my name for awhile now probably for about 6 months or so be for I decided to dive in. *side note: (as is the same for most folks I decided to make my mark on the internet with the intention of generating a little bit of income to support some of my expensive geek habits computer toys, photography stuff, and family things.) Reading through out the internet from some so called Guru’s, SEO experts, and general banter Twitter is apparently one of the top spots to get your name out and make “Millions” (Yeah Right … can you feel the satire oozing??? That and the Sh&% is getting thick need to go find my boots)

Twitter has been defined as social networking mico-blogging in 140 characters or less. So what can you really say in that amount of restricted space? Obviously quite a bit, the reason for this restriction is apparently due to cellular phone sms restrictions. Twitter set it up this way so users can Tweet via their cell phones. “Now that’s cool!” not that I will use this feature.

December 15th 2008 I finally took the plunge and signed up for their free service. After a few days of lurking and small tweets here and there I quickly found out this is a medium for actually talking to people, not just marketing. “And flush down the toilet there went all of my dreams of just marketing stuff.” These are real people I want to connect with and share interests.

@nanse was one of the first to help me out with twitter, she gave me ideas and directions to get started with new friends, and suggested some really good folks to follow.
Check her out here @nansen and here is her web site

@COasis This guy is just cool, he was also there for me in the early times with tweeting, we had a couple of good conversations on ecology and politics his writing style is just fun to read. Find him at @COasis and his web site

Photography notables:
@hakandahlstrom his pictures are just fantastic and he tweets shots that he finds through out the internet not just is own “great guy to follow” @hakandahlstrom and his web site
@amecoli in to photography as well and a graphic designer, will possibly be doing some collaboration here soon with some backup and migration ideas. You can find her here at @amecoli and her web site is

Just cause she is funny, cool, and married to a pilot @sugarjones and she is a photographer as well @sugarjones and her site is

Last but not least. Best for last:

My favorite by far @faryl this is a person that is willing to help with any thing, hates mayonnaise math & meat. All of the above I like and have to have. Like I said makes the world an interesting place. She is the Fearless Blogger @faryl and her site is and she wants me to move my blog to wordpress ;-)

There are many more folks that I should have mentioned and probably will in the future but if you are looking to make friends “Not followers” Tweet out loud. Just be careful it is addicting and as of today I am getting close to 300 friends and can’t keep up with all of them. Like drinking from a fire hose.
Who has helped you? Who do you follow and why?


" if you are looking to make friends “Not followers” Tweet out loud. " - I love that!

So very true. I think many people come to Twitter thinking it will be a quick way to market to people and then realize the power of making true, sincere connections.

Thank you so much for the kind words! I enjoy following you as well and look forward to more conversations :-)

I love your writing style and this post just summarizes the whole point about having twitter. I do follow people as well that can show me important links as well as random fun stuff. If I see someone who seems to just advertise their services and think twitter is the way to get me, I don't follow back. Twitter is about building a community of people with similar interests.

Thanks for the shout out! looking forward to more conversations =)


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