Friday, March 27, 2009

OS X error mounting disk images Fix!

Fix error 0xe00002c9 when mounting disk images
SecUpd2007-009Ti.dmg, burn security update to disk and install OS X. 10.4.11 OS X

After installing OS X 10.4 on a 12” iBook that was picked up as parts and rebuilt from scratch (there will be a post on that one later) I ran in to this issue where not just one .dmg file refused to open but any file I tried failed.

Google is my friend, with that in mind I started to search for help on this issue because I really did not feel like starting over with the install and re-patching the OS all over again. It was a lengthy process (not as long as an XP install and patch mind you), but I had already migrated some applications and files over and did not want to waste the time. And I think the issue arose after one of the last software updates because on the first couple of reboots all that showed up when I logged is was the spotlight icon in the upper right hand side of the screen and that was it. On the second or third reboot the system came up fine. (so not exactly sure what happened???)

A few of the posts did suggest the only viable way to get rid of this was to reinstall, but I did come across this post from LMP over at macosxhints. His suggestion was to download Security Update from Apple’s support page. Well that is great I went out to Apple and downloaded SecUpd2007-009Ti.dmg. But now what like I said previously I can not mount any .dmg files due to the fact that the system refused to mout the disk images. Also not being so familiar with Mac software just yet I was not sure if stuff-it would extract the package I needed. I did have a blank CD and Toast was loaded so I burned the disk image to a CD via the copy disk part of Toast and mounted the package from there, installed the security update rebooted and no more issues mounting .dmg files any longer. So kudos to LMP thank you very much. If you have a PC with windows, Nero, and a burner from what I can tell off of the web is that you can change the extension from .dmg to .iso and use Nero to burn the disk as well.

Here is the original post from LMP


Thanks, this helped me as well!


I'm a certified Mac Technician and this is a very good fix. Excellent work.

You don't really need "Toast" you can also burn the cd with "Disk utility". It is a program that is already on your mac.
Just drag the DMG into it, put an empty cd in your mac and click on "burn".
Than you can install the security update with the cd.

...or just download the security-update on a Win based PC (far more dependable) and convert or extract it with TransMac. Then slap those files onto a jumpdrive and you're off!
No media wasted!

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