Friday, April 10, 2009

Cross over to the Dark Side Mac OS X story of an iBook


I’m a Mac actually an iBook, and I need a new home today.

I was saved by a PC guy that wanted to know what this whole Mac thing every one was talking about. He saved me from a dark computer shop I may have been doomed for the recycle bin due to an ailing hard drive and lack of TLC.

This guy that saved me, like I said is a

PC guy and has been since the x86 days he has worked for one of the big computer companies in the past as a Server Engineer. So I knew I was in good hands when it came to my hardware. Software that is a whole other issue I was not sure he could help me in that aspect, but low and behold he did.*

During the process of my rebuild he placed a 30GB hard drive in me and reclaimed my OS (operating system) which is OS X 10.4.11 (I have a Tiger in me GRRRR)* off of the old hard drive was 15GB so now I have double the space. (btw: putting a fresh hard drive in me is a daunting task should never be attempted by the faint of heart… was scary there for a while seeing all of my parts strewn out on the work bench but I’m all together in one piece and working great.)

He also upgraded my memory to 348MB from the original 128MB that I came shipped with. And added an AirPort card so I am wireless now. Wahooo. Internet here we come.

I do have a light spot on my screen but it is not very noticeable when in use and my screen is bright and crisp. My keys are almost like new and so is my TrackPad. I do have scuffs and scratches from use but they are nothing unusual no deep gouges.

I am ready to go right now and have NeoOffice 3 loaded as well as IE, iLife???, VLC, and other programs.

Here are my pictures and specifications email my current owner if you want me I need a new home today I hate to leave him but he needs the $$ for more important things than my self right now.

*OS X and iLife was already on the system when it was reclaimed if there is any question to the licensing you should treat it as demonstrational purposes to prove functionality only There will be no CD’s or back up or software sold with this iBook


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