Wednesday, February 10, 2010

MacBook Pro Hard Drive Crash

I know this is inevitable, but today?? in the middle of working on the TX1000 Tear-Down Disassembly guide it happened..

That Heart wrenching sound that brings fear and loathing to the heart of every person Geek or not of a head crash on the Hard Disk Drive. It is worse that going to the dentist for a root canal and hearing the drill grinding away at a tooth. The sound is worse that nails across a chalk board. The good and bad thing about today (well there really is no good about it) I do have a Time Machine Backup. But alas it is at least a month old by now :(. Here is a screen shot of Why and How I know it is toast. At least I am able to boot and recover things I was working on but it needs to be changed NOW

Well I have completed the possible Time Machine Backup of what I'm sure is some lost data.. and will now have to find another hard drive to replace it. Reinstall the OS and migrate from back up.. The problem still remains can I get my BootCamp partition??? I need to save the Windows XP information too.. Yikes... This year really has not started off very well for me ... has been one thing after another ... I would have though 2010 would be a great year. Well it's got to get better **** Right??? ****


Wow! That must have been bad.I can imagine what you went through.

Anyways very well written and if you want a feedback, it is going to be very awesome.

Keep up the work mate!

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