Wednesday, April 7, 2010

1024x768 Resolution On NetBook

1024x768 resolution on HP Mini 1000 series NetBook Windows XP

So you want a higher resolution on your NetBook that may only be able to show 1024X600 or the HP Mini 1000 series Netbook standard 1024X576.

There is another article to follow up on this one to make 1024X768 fit on the screen.

For an easy way to do this on Windows 7 follow me here

Follow along with me

Right Click on the Desktop of the Netbook and click on Properties.

Click on the Settings Tab for to show the resolutions that the NetBook is capeable of. You can use the slider all you want with the default settings and nothing will happen.

Click on the advanced Button in the lower right hand side of the NetBook's Display Properties and you will be taken to the screen shot above.

Click on the Monitor Tab of the NetBook You will see where the check box Hide Modes that this monitor cannot display

Un-check the box and click Apply.

Click on the Adapter tab on the Mini 1000 and click on List All Modes.

You will be presented with a List of all the resolutions you can pick from for your new Resolution on the NetBook.

I chose 1024X768 True Color (32 bit), 60 Hertz and click OK.

That will bring you back to the NetBook Monitor Adapter tab and click Apply

You now have a higher Resolution on your HP Mini 1000 or other netbook of 1024X768 or better.

The only problme with this is now the screen on the NetBook does what is called Panning your resolution will not fit on the native capeablilites of the NetBook so as you move your mouse around so will the screen.

Check the next post to see how to do get a 1024x786 resolution on the HP Mini with out Panning.

Let me know if you have had different experiences
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