Wednesday, June 9, 2010

1024x768 Resolution on NetBook with Windows 7

So you have your NetBook all setup how you like it but that 1024*576 or 1024x600 resolution is stopping you from running your favorite programs .. or you just feel like you should have a bit more space.

Here it is 1024x768 resolution on a NetBook Registry Hack for Windows 7 only

So I can't take credit for this one the guys over at pointed this one out .. and it works great for:

1024X768 on my new HP 2140 mini...

so here goes

Go to Start Menu

Click on Run

(if its not there)

you will have to Right click on the Start Menu and click properties

On the Start Menu Tab click Customize

Scroll down till you see the check box for run and click it and the click OK

Click Apply

Go back to the Start Menu and it should be there under Help and Support

Click Run

in the box type in "regedit" (with out the quotes) Click OK

Click YES "Do you want to allow the following program to make changes to this computer?"

***** Warning you are about to Edit your registry ... This could FUBAR your computer .. and render it useless .. before doing any registry edits you should have a restore point set up or a back up of your entire computer ... or at the very least a back up of your registry.. I take no responsibilities if you proceed from here.*****

If you are ok with all of that lets proceed

Make sure the icon for the computer is highlighted

Click on Edit and Find

you are searching for "Display1_DownScalingSupported"

Type all of that in (with out the quotes .. and that is an underscore.. not sure if caps matter but type it in the way it shows

and Click Find

there are more than a few of these to change ... so you will have to do this more than once

***** "The Best things in life are Free" (quote from somewhere idk)..... but if this site has helped you in any way ....


or buy a guide...

When it finds this value. Double click the value and change it from 0 to 1

Press the F3 (function key 3 above the #3 key) and it will search again do this for every one you find.

once you reach the end of the registry close regedit and reboot... (cross your fingers;)

Right Click on the desktop after reboot Click on Screen resolution now you have options for 1024X768 and 1152X864

To get back to Native Resolution you will have to Click on the Advanced Settings

Click on List All Modes from the Adapter Tab and chose either 1024 by 576 or 1024 by 600 depending on your NetBooks native resolution.

There you have it ... 1024 by 768 bliss on your NetBook..

**** Note so this is a hack to get the screen resolutions higher than the NetBooks were meant to do. The screen will look squished. Due to the fact that you can not physically add pixels to the screen. You can only trick it in to thinking it has more there so your screen will look different (squished) via compression. *******

***** "The Best things in life are Free" (quote from somewhere idk)..... but if this site has helped you in any way ....


or buy a guide...


everything works but after i close and reopen the netbook it goes back to 1024x600 and ihave to put it back to 1034x768


I needed this for Scrapebox!

Thanks. It worked on my Gateway LT series netbook. :P

It's Worked!
Toshiba nb255
thanks a lot bro!

It's Worked!
Toshiba Nb255
Thanks a lot bro!!

Worked on my NB300 Toshiba, Now I'm running Silent hunter3 (although laggy)!!!
Thanks :)

Works like a charm on my Toshiba NB505. This is, frankly, a game saver as the netbook is no good to me without 1024x768 for one vital application.


the registry entry does not exist


Ca marche sur mon hp mini !


I searched for the Display1_DownScalingSupported
and it doesnt find it! :(

@Jose Miguel

I had the same problem: regedit wouldn't find the keys. I used an external programme, and those keys were found in 2 minutes.

i have done it and it worked i have now the 1024x768 display resolution option but when i apply it my computer will turn into a blue screen and says windows shutdown due to an there another way to apply this??? im using a toshiba nb200 series

Worked for me on HP Mini netbook

for the people who complain it doesn't work - I use MSI Wind 100, I changed not through the normal screen (bluescreen error), but through advanced settings and it's working. Hope it helps.

Thank you. This is fantastic! I'd been looking for something like this for about a year for my Toshiba NB305 netbook. Previously I had had to install and run several apps while connected to an external monitor. Otherwise, they couldn't be installed or run with just the the notebook's native 1024x600 screen. The registry hack worked perfectly. Suggestion: to make sure you enter the proper find term, just copy and paste from the blog instructions.

This was NOT nice! I followed the instructions, and when I rebooted I had LOWER resolution!

I have a Dell Inspiron Mini 1012, with an original screen resolution of 1366 x 768. The registry changes lowered it to 1152 x 864 - and it looked cr@ppy. You'd think that if it can go to 864 I should be able to get 1366 x 864, but not with this.

By the way, "Display1_DownScalingSupported" is in my registry 7 times, and all but two were already set to 1.

Also, when I looked at 'All Modes', the original wasn't there.

I'm glad I took screen shots of all the changes; made it easier to put it all back.

good information 100% work with hp netbook

it worked for me. now i can use windows 8 metro apps on my hp mini 210. i am using windows 8 consumer preview

It's working indeed! I searched many times for this. I really thank you, it's amazing. Now I am able to play games on 1024x768 with my Acer Aspire One D255 Netbook. Sorry for bad english, just really wanted to thank you for this!

Best regards,

Work on my HP Mini! Thanks a lot!

Thanks a lot, works fine for me in my Acer Aspire One D150 with Windows 8 Release Preview. Now Metro Apps works like a charm!!!!!

thank you so much!

Votre démonstration est parfaite. Merci pour votre solution.

I love you! thank you very much I have a GMA 950 and never could change the resolution! It was just a fucking driver accusing problems but now I can play with 1024x768!

This worked on a Toshiba NB505 running Windows 8. Thanks!

Asus 1005HA win7u:

Made reg changes and had a crash with blue screen. I updated the driver and it's working now.


Amazing!!! 6 months I'm looking for solutions to this problem!!! Thank you very much!!! Everything works properly!!! Only I can't understand this at the beginning. Why should change the options about "RUN"? I just write "REGEDIT" on the search field and so.Registry editor will bi in the results. But it's a great hit!!! Thank you very much one more time!!! :)

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