Saturday, July 10, 2010

PHP "No input file specified" GoDaddy Hosting Linux

Using PHP on GoDaddy web hosting service getting "No input file specified"

Ok so I have made a jump and I am now starting into my own web sites... That is not to say I will not continue with this blog because I will.

But on my first site (have to do something to make a little extra cash here) check out my new store it will be changing but its up. CE's GeekStuff

The index.php worked just fine the home page came up perfectly fine. But as soon as I clicked on any one of the links .... it would give me the error "No input file specified" not a 404 error or any thing but the "No input file specified" cryptic right?

Well after several hours of "banging head against keyboard" lol would never do that to my MacBook Pro... she is too sweet to do that to. And multiple searches

on Google, reading and modifying the .htaccess, config.php, php.ini, and other files with no help. Eureka!!!!! (btw love that show if you have not seen it check it out on HULU)

Log in to your Hosting with Godaddy

From the Hosting Control Center

Click on the Settings tab

Click on File Extension

change the .php extension

From PHP 5.x FastCGI

To PHP 5.x

And Voila It works... YMMV


Im having this problem on my wordpress blog, I tried to do like your tips but when I login to Hosting Control center under File Extension tab then I can not see PHP 5.x FastCGI or PHP 5.x options.

only show list:
-Python 2.2
-Python 2.3

how to do that while it's not showing?
I spent 2 days for this. please help me
thanks you

I cant thank you enough, this has been driving me crazy. Worked like a charm!

dude came across so many posts and i lost hope until i encountered urs....

you rock ;)


THANK YOU for posting this -

After a day or so of struggling with .htaccess and config.php this posting solved the problem right away!


Fantastic!Thank you! I was on the phone with a rep at godaddy and he was impressed with the catch. We fixed it and in addition we did two other things to get it to work.

1. renamed php.ini to php5.ini

2. renamed htaccess to htaccess.old

Many thanks again.

Hate that autoplay video, love your answer to this issue. It was going to make me old. You Sir, are a Geek and a scholar.

oh god you are a life saver man. I am looking solution for this problem since 10 days . you are the man.....

Dude you are the man!!!
Have been pulling my hair out, was facing this problem with my magento shop on godaddy. Thank you very very much :)

sorry but it dont work for me, i really need php5.3. i use namespace so can you help me!

I have no idea why it worked, but it worked. WOHOOO

you are Gawd!

you saved my sanity!


Thank you this was exactly my problem.

Thank you!! Same exact issue and I was going through the exact same useless steps you had to (modifying htaccess, looking to modify php files, etc), you saved me a lot of time.

Awesome dude .. It works... thanks

Thanks a lot ! Good Job & Keep it up....

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