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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Bad CraigsList Deal of the Day "Mac PowerBook 1500$"

I am all for Apple products holding their value very well they are in a sense like Honda's and Toyota's. They just hold a better resale value. But when I see something like this it just ..... well you decide..

Mind you the Mac PowerBook model was last manufactured on October 19th 2005 over 5 years ago.

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(names dates and listing id has be blurred out for anonymity would hate for some one to do that to me.. and as I figure do unto others as...)

Ok so it may have been 3000$ 5 years ago ... but guess what its 5 years old now... you can get a Shiny New MacBook Pro for that kind of cash. Get real.. Maybe the Poster wanted to put 150$ lol.

Not only that but the post does not have physical pictures of the PowerBook come on if you really want to sell on craigslist.. Do It right learn how here

E-Guide How to Sell on Cragslist



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