Wednesday, October 22, 2008

WOW you can make money off the Internet

This just blew me away, I now can make cash money off the internet. Ok so let me preface this with its less than $20 bucks, and it did take a month and a half to make it. But hey it’s more than I have ever made from all the surfing online that I do.

If you have read any of my other blogs you know I’m cheap (dirty word .. uum lets say frugal), and that I have not posted in a while. I am working on a couple of projects right now that I will hopefully be posting in the coming days, (I’ve just been slammed, overworked, inundated with other stuff for a few months.)

Ok so back to this whole making cash off the internet or making money online how ever you want to put it. Gomez, sounds funny huh.. yeah this guy Gomez he pays you. Well ok not so sure that there ever was a Gomez (person) but this company will pay you for using your internet bandwidth when you are using it and when your not. Like I said it’s not much and the maximum they will pay out in any one month is currently only $45. And yes with everything else in the world there is a catch, you never get anything for free there is a cost to everything.

First off … click the link. This will take you to their site. (WHOOOAA don’t click it just yet read the rest of this post first .. I haven’t started using pop ups or redirects to or any other stuff that will keep you here)

Gomez link

Once your there you will need to create an account, and then download the software. (WARNING … I don’t know what their software does, or how it does it. I use different virus software Norton, McAfee, and AVG none of these show it as a virus and none of my Adware products identify this as a threat either. So use at your own risk. I do *** End WARNING)

Once the software is installed (it utilizes java) it will ask you to put your user name in and what kind of connection you use. Their site is informative if you use a phone line to hook up to the internet but if you do I’m not sure you want you phone to be consumed by this all the time. When it starts it will say the next update will be in 15 min. They use increments of 15 min’s. So far pretty easy right .. here comes the catch,

First off to make $$ your account status must be active, not pending. I don’t have any clue how the algorithm in the program works or who makes this decision. But from what I read else where it could be tricky to be selected.

Second I am in a unique position to have a few computers (ok more than a few) at my disposal and am already paying for the electricity and the internet bandwidth. The current program pays:
Online Time Payments (per day) $0.10
Processing Time Payments (per min.) $0.0005
Referral Bonus (per Active Referral) $1.00
Min. Monthly Payment $5.00
Max. Earnings per month $45.00

So the more computers the more potential, still not that much though.

The referral is only paid out for people you send over that are selected for active too. So don’t think SPAM emails out to 3 million and you will get rich quick .. remember the max in any one month is $45.

Third if you are active. And showing earnings you need to have a PayPal account and it must have the same email address that you used for Gomez. Now at the end of the month it will show your earnings for the month on the web site.. Don’t expect to have the money deposited on the very next day. It was not until the 22nd of the next month till I saw the deposit in to the PayPal account.

You will not get rich off of this and make millions of dollars. But hey from someone who has made $$ it works .. Now I hope they don’t deactivate me for writing this article, because it will offset at least one bill I have per month lol.


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