Thursday, June 4, 2009

Hp's DV6000 Issues with installing XP

HP dv6000, dv9000, also may affect dv2000 and v3000, v6000 models as well. Sound Driver installation fails or will not install.

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Hey there .. I know I have not posted any thing in a while. I have been really busy with rebuilding some iBook's and some PC laptops to make ends meet. Have been out of the social media stuff ie. Twitter, FriendFeed, even my photography stuff has suffered on Flicker. But I will try to start posting interesting information again as time permits.. With that said,

Picked up this poor little (not so little) DV6000 one of HP's premier Entertainment PC laptops. The motherboard was bad when I got it but all else was good.

***Update to the issue with the Pavilion dv series and Compaq V series laptops click on this link to find out how to fix it ****

Seems that there is an issue with these systems and HP does admit that there is an issue and has extended the Warrantee 1 year past the original expiration date. Unfortunately this would not help me due to 2 things. First I am not the original owner, and second this laptop is 2 months past even the extended period. The same issue has plagued this line of laptops as well as (yikes MAC) iBook's, Evo800's, Acer Ferrari, and many others.. But that is a whole other story. If you want to see HP's information go to this link HP.

Well needless to say my mission was to find another motherboard. That took about 3 weeks to find one locally (love eBay but hate waiting for packages and can't stand paying shipping costs. Got the board home and a little over an hour it was in and the DV6000 sprung to life. Sorry I did not shoot a video or take pictures of the process (this was an after thought damn "should have done multimedia of that and thrown it out on YouTube!!")

This laptop has the COA sticker for WinXp so .. got out my copy and started installing (slip streaed SP3 in to the install with nLite to avoid SATA dirver issues). WOW this thing is fast with the AMD Turion and a fast 7200rpm SATA drive. Windows finished installing and now we are off to the races installing drivers. HP's web site is actually very good and it is very easy to navigate if you have the proper information to search on your model. Downloaded about 15 packages for drivers and software, including the sound drivers. All drivers installed just fine with out issues with the exception of the sound drivers.

The sound chip is a Conexant High Definition Audio chip the package from HP is SP30157. This is a good set of drivers and I have found other folks having issues installing them as well.. My first 3 tries installing with Win XP sp2 it failed with could not find media drivers to install.. I installed all of the other drivers including the Nvidia Chipset and the OpenHCD USB host controller like others have suggested to no avail. Last ditch effort was to install SP3 reboot .. and Viola the sound drivers installed with no problem..

Over all this is a SWEET machine, like other folks I am in to Eye Candy and love the glossy screen and the high gloss look of the exterior of the laptop .. over all it is sleek and just beautiful to look at and runs our very fast. Hope this help if you run in to a bind.


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