Thursday, June 4, 2009

OS X Leopard Running from an iPod

OS X Leopard running from and iPod on and iBook G4 1.33 12" laptop. BlueTooth A2DP

With video attached

Wow 2 posts in one day that is so not right when I haven't posted in so long..

Well in the last post I noted that I have been rebuilding some Mac's and PC's to make ends meet, in some of my down time I was courious about a few things. First off was the iLife stuff that was installed on some of the iBook's that I have been reclaiming. Second was OS X Leopard (is it really that good ??) do I need to load it on the G4 iBook that I have been keeping? And does BlueTooth sterio A2DP function like it should on the iBook and under Leopard? The rest of the post explains why and I guess how... Not that this is anything new iPod's can function just like any other external Hard Drive, and be bootable with the iBook's the only things that are bootable are CD/DVD's, internal Hard Drives, and External Firewire drives. No bootable usb support.

Why would i do this? Because I can...
What was needed: Firewire cable for an iPod (used a 4th Gen. 20Gb iPod picked up for 10 bucks)
iBook G4 (picked up for cheap no screen had to put one in)
retail OS X

The real reason I did this was to test A2DP BlueTooth functionality of Leopard
(not inclded in Tiger) and was not sure if I really want Leopard yet

Conclusion: It may be the limitations of the iBook I am using but A2DP is not ready for prime-time at least on on this Mac iTunes works great but any video file be it QuickTime, Divx, or even DVD has broken sound.

Leopard actualy runs very well even with the limited speed of the iPod's hard drive This is not a recommended solution to run for any extended time period due to the nature of the iPod, it may eventualy burn out the iPod (they are not made to constantly run the hard drive all of the time)

Hope you enjoyed this first attempt at video


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