Wednesday, October 21, 2009

How To Change C:\ Hard Drive Icon in My Computer

This is a quick how to:

How To Change C:\ Hard Drive Icon in My Computer Windows XP

I have searched high and low for this .. but have had little success until recenly. My c drive icon has been corrupt for a while now and folks on the net have suggested creating an autorun.inf file and placing it at the root of the drive. This will create the same effect that I was looking for but IMO this is just a stop gap measure. I finaly stumbled upon a post on from a member by the name of soleimanian and followed some of his suggestions. I am running a modified version of XP so your milage may very.

Start menue >
type regedit

Sort down through the registry till you find


if there is not a Key under Explorer Named DriveIcons create one

under DriveIcons create (if its not there already) a new key with driver letter C for example with in the drive letter create a new key and name it DefaultIcon

give the default value the icon you want to use like


This was the icon I wanted to use in my shell32.dll file.

Now you ask how do I know which icon I want to use??? That will be in the next post


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