Wednesday, October 21, 2009

HP Mini NetBook 1151NR Rock-in Little Machine Missing Bluetooth Drivers

HP Mini NetBook 1151NR Rock-in Little Machine Missing Bluetooth Drivers

BTW I have tried looked every where there are no downloads for the restore disks for the HP Mini 1000 or 1151nr netbooks .. in fact I placed an order with HP on the 20th of October 09 ... and am still currently waiting for the disk to arrive as of the 5th of November 09.*******
****** UPDATE Finally HP is shipping my restore disk out on December 1st 2009 WAHOOO I may get it before 2010 LOL.

HP has put out some Sleek Fancy looking consumer base laptops over the last couple of years IMO.

I love the design and the looks of the sleek black shinny cases and the glossy Hi-Def displays.. I'm a sucker for the technical geeky looking laptops.

If you are looking for 1024x768 on an HP Mini 1000 or 1100 (1154NR, 1151NR)

I have been looking for a NetBook for a few months and could not justify another toy with the wife, seeing as I recently acquired a MacBook Pro and have been really happy with that .. not only the performance of the laptop but as well as the price I paid for it (giggle giggle 250$) .. It pays to know how to work on laptops and keep an eye on CraigsList.

If you want to know how to change the Hard Drive Click this link


If you want to Upgrade the memory ...

But back to my current issue I have acquired this cool looking little HP Mini (and I do mean little writing this post and the last 2 on it .. takes a bit to get use to the small keyboard). The person that had it before me though it would be a great idea to make the little machine into a Hackintosh. Which I would not disagree would be cool to have OS X on a tiny little laptop like this, but the OSX86 community is not quite up to all of the platforms that are out there and some drivers have not been compiled for these machines yet and the OS is not as stable as it should be.

So my task is to put WinXP back on it (did not have recovery Cd's they are on order from HP as we speak).. Which actually was no problem at all. Plugged in my full size CD ROM in to an IDE to USB converter plugged in to the NetBook and it was off installing XP in a flash.

After XP was installed all of the drivers off the web site were loaded and all updates off of Microsoft's Update were installed (mind you took 2 days even with broadband speeds) glanced at Computer Management and the Bluetooth 2.1 is sitting there with a yellow exclamation.

That bytes .. I know I did not miss anything off of HP's site got all of the downloads for this machine..

Well they left it out for some reason if you need to install it you will need to search for sp43730.exe or just click the file it will take you to hp to download it ... unless they change things again

Well that was easy ... NOT well even though the softpack should automatically install the driver it would not ... there was a pop up .. that says turn on the device .. well its already on and you can't turn it off if you tried.

so you will have to manually install the drivers from Computer Management right click the bluetooth properties.. reinstall diver ... don't search let me specify.

Browse to the folder c:\swsetup\SP43703\Win32\ and then install from there ... otherwise it will not search sub directory's ..

once installed your ready to rock and roll..

I know this will only affect (effect??? hmmmm... ) those few of us that will have to reinstall with out recovery disks .. but hey if it helps here's your sign.

Have a Great Day.


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