Tuesday, March 2, 2010

IPad launch Delay (Still think It should be sold in the Feminine hygiene isle at the local supermarket!)

IPad Launch Dealyed??

I'm not even sure why I am writing on this product at this point but for some reason I am drawn to Apple Products.. Don't get me wrong I'm and PC too.. Must be one of those Hybrid type people. Or maybe (OMG) bi- go both ways PC and MAC???? Yikes...

well either way Reuters posted this morning that

"according to Canaccord Adams analyst Peter Misek.

He said the iPad launch, currently expected in late March, may be “somewhat limited” by an unspecified “manufacturing bottleneck” at the device’s manufacturer, Hon Hai Precision. That could make the launch a U.S.-only event and limit available units to 300,000 in March–which might even prompt Apple to delay the debut until April, Misek said."

They did not elaborate on the bottleneck but I'm sure it has someone’s dander up.

As for me I'm still not sure why I am drawn to this .. As I have not want or desire to have one other than just another nifty gadget to carry around in my other wise cluttered life. Oh .. and will not be able to afford it anyhow.. so there you go ...

Will you get an iPad??


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