Monday, January 9, 2012

Dish Network Press release at CES Hopper

Whole-Home HD DVR Hopper from Dish Network

Dish Network announces the Hopper and the Joey whole home DVR

The Hopper has 2GB of storage space running on a 7200 rpm hard drive. Featuring Bluetooth and PrimeTime anytime that records every show during prime-time hours for the four major networks for a full 8 Days worth of programing. Is also capable of recording 6 shows simultaneously

The Hopper is the main unit that will broadcast to all of the Joey's in the home.

Content available through out the entire house.

"While other DVRs in the industry have limited DVR sharing capabilities, the Hopper and Joey system offers the ability, from up to four rooms, to manage their DVR, record and play back HD shows, and watch live HD programs," the company said.

Also access to PrimeTime giving access to HD TV shows on the same day they were first aired ..

Read more at CNET

More info as it comes in. :)


This technology is going to change everything!!! DISH has produced a Whole Home DVR that can record 6 HD Live Programs at once!! This will remove the annoyance of DVR mix-ups and conflicts!! With a 750 MHZ processor, it is now the fastest in the business!! The customer also has over 250 Hours of HD storage, in ADDITION to the storage space set aside for PrimeTime Anytime, which lets you record ALL FOUR major networks at once, for EIGHT DAYS!!! Some DISH coworkers and I gave this thing a whirl at work today, and had to be dragged back to our desks!! So many features, and not enough time to list them all!!! I want one ASAP!!!

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