Thursday, January 19, 2012

Vizio VTab1008 Bad Skype

So I got the Android Vizio VTab1008 running Gingerbread 2.3.2 for a couple of reasons.

First cause it was cheap

Second is because the Vizio 8" Tablet has GPS and bluetooth.

GPS is some what important seeing that I would like to get rid of my dedicated GPS for the truck and minimize some toys. :)

and For Skype and Google+...

First off the Vizio Vtab1008 is really a good running tablet I like the capacitive 8" screen it just works. Hated the launcher it came with but Go Launcher works great from the market.

Three Problems I have found that will make me put it up for sale on craigslist unless Vizio comes out with HoneyComb or Ice Cream Sandwich for the VTab1008 and fixes these issues.

1. the vizio vtab1008 and skype do not get along .. you can make a video call but you will have to turn the tablet upside down for your image to show up correctly on the other side of the conversation.

2. Adobe Flash... 10.1 on the Vizio Vtab1008... come on ... Vizio get with the updates here... I know it is optimized for the tablet... but some flash will not work specifically in Google+ Tried watching +Thomas Hawk last night with +Lotus and no dice... could not do it.. BIG PROBLEM here..

3. internal memory of the Vizio Vtab1008 whats left over to use from the 4GB internal is mapped to mnt/sdcard ... that is just stupid.. you can not put apps on the real SD card.. kills some functionality.. so now your real SD card is sdcard/external.

Come on Vizio lets get some lovein for the user community here... oh and this should really grind on you But the Pandigital Planet ... Can Do all of the things I have mentioned here (no bluetooth or gps though) but it will do Skype, Flash and the SD card and memory are mapped correctly. :) ... And it is Cheaper and has a slower processor

Oh yeah and you can forget about trying to

Root the Vizio Vtab1008

Vizio blocked that capability with the latest upgrade to their rom ver 1.5 still shows 1.4 in sys info but the build 1.9.57 will tell you you are locked out of rooting this table.

And here is the rest of it.

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