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Mac Pro 1,1 to 2,1 Error 5530 firmware MP11.005D.B00

Mac Pro 2006-2007 Firmware Tool Mac Pro 1,1 to 2,1.

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And the reason to do the Firmware Upgrade is here:

Finally after pulling my hair out (What little I have left!) I have successfully upgraded the Mac Pro 1,1 to 2,1.  I had been trying unsuccessfully to upgrade the firmware for a few days continually getting the dreaded 5530 error just after the ram disk was created.  With netkas Mac Pro 2006-2007 Firmware Tool

Little back story on this. WHY Would You Do this?? 

I have since installed OS X El Captain 10.11.6 on the Mac Pro 1,1 it currently resides on a 250GB SSD living where the supper drive use to live.  And drive bay 3 and 4 now are populated with 3TB drives in a Raid 1 (Mirror) set.  It is running great other than a few minor issues.  

First the GPU has been replace with a GTX 750 1GB which will not run in 16x pcie configuration.  
Second the system seems to have a problem whit the second memory board.  Will work through all that later.   But now the Firmware.

My firmware was MP11.005D.B00 apperantly a notorious version that resisted all attempts of flashing to MP21.007F.B06.
And even worse my system matched a user going by ant0 over at netkas forum saying he patched the file to work with exactly my system MP11.005D.B00.0709141354
So downloaded it tried it on Lion to no avail with original GPU and every thing back to base still Error 5530 after the ram disk was mounted.
Out of desperation tried an older version 10.6.8 Snow Leopard that I keep around on an old hard drive to work on older system.
Still Error 5530 AAAAGGGHHH!!

Maybe it is not that important to upgrade to 2,1 right... WRONG I want to put a Matching Pair of Intel Xeon Processors X5365's in the system and already have them ordered and on their way!!

And 2,1 is the only way they will show up in the system and work properly.


Finally this worked..  step by step.

    1.    Get the Upgrade tool from
    2.    Download the Apple firmware update
    3.    Mount the .dmg files and run both.  Leave them both running in the background during every step with errors and all
    4.    Use the upgrade tool to create the RAM Disk which in my case directly failed after creating   the RAM Disk with the error code 5530 (Leave it open in the background)

    5.    Right click the upgrade tool and click show package of the upgrade tool

 and copy the following scripts from /Contents/Resources to the RAM Disk:



    4.    MacProEFIUpdater2006.patch

    5.    MacProEFIUpdater2007.patch

    6.    Open with textedit

    7.    Remove the following lines:
    1.    Code: 
hdiutil attach -nobrowse MacProEFI2006and2007.dmg

    2.    Code: 
rm -R Expanded

    3.    Code: 
rm -R System

    4.    Code: 
rm Payload

    8.    Save the script

    9.    Open a terminal Application/Utilities terminal and run it with Code: 

eazy way of doing this is to type the period . then click on the file and drag it in to the terminal it will give the right path for it and it will run.

    10.    Run the actual upgrade script with sudo rights via Code: 
sudo ./

 same with this one type sudo .  then drag the file to the terminal
    11.    If everything runs trough without error proceed with the firmware upgrade:

    1.    Shut down the Mac
    2.    Press and hold the power button until it blinks
    3.    Wait for the upgrade to finish
    4.    Check the firmware version
    5.    Reboot in case it does not detect your CPUs correctly until it does.
That did the trick for me.


Now I also did the SMC update as well but that will be in a different Post.



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