Friday, October 24, 2008

Darius Rucker Live Up Close and Personal. This guy has an amazing voice.

Darius Rucker hosted by KYGO at the Soiled Dove Underground on the 23 of October 2008.

This is way off topic for what I normally write about, (normal what’s normal in my life?) But this guy is amazing just truly amazing. (stealing a phrase from my daughter OMG). Had the opportunity to go to the Soiled Dove Underground in Denver last night thanks to a family member that won tickets and could not attend. Now mind you I don’t get out much so take this for what it is, and was not so keen on taking the night off of work to go see someone who sings country.

*** Tangent: I’m not much of a country guy, more of a Dave Matthews type. But my wife loves George Strait, Kenny Chesney, Martina, Faith and Tim, Reba, etc. and she has this habit of dragging me to these concerts and I have to put a smile on my face and act like I am having fun. Usually do have a good time but I won’t let her know that. End of Tangent. ***

First thoughts of the Soiled Dove Underground, The seating is cozy (bit cramped if you ask me) we have been to places like this a few times where you are up-close and personal with the performer (oh and the couple sitting next to you on both sides as well) The food was pretty good, we had the chicken fingers and what they call the dip duo, and a couple of cervezas. All in all it was relatively inexpensive for a night out on the town. We were very lucky to be seated next to a couple that we hit it off with, and were able to enjoy the evening with them as well.

The first act was a lady that is apparently a local performer. I give her credit as she is a singer/song writer that is trying, it was probably just me but I really could not connect with her music.

Second act came around a band of 4 gentlemen. (guys) they are locals from here in Colorado the Railbenders (not rail road related??)

These guys are really very good, most of the songs they played have a very up beat tempo to them. The lead singer/guitar Jim has a deep crisp voice that reverberates what he sings. Tyson playing the upright Bass reminds me of clips of the movie O Brother Where Art Thou? Made in 2000 thinking of the Soggy Bottom Boys. Tony on the Guitar in my opinion could keep up with the likes of Joe Satriani, he will just keep your feet moving. Grahm on the drums has a great voice too .. and where would the band be with out his percussion?? All in all they were great they played I-70 Westbound, Whiskey Rain, and another very colorful song I don’t recall the name of but had something to do with staying home getting hammered, and the wife.. well we will just leave it at that.

Finally, it was Darius Rucker’s turn on stage and Kelly Ford brought him out and the crowd went wild. Now I know I’ve heard that voice some where before. Like I said I don’t spend much time listening to country music (except for when with my wife in the car on a road trip somewhere).

Hey this guy was a part of Hootie & the Blowfish (I liked those guys)! This guy's voice is just phenomenal, amazing, more expletives than I can think of, his "wing man" of the evening, Glenn added to almost every part of the experience with his backup vocals, and sweet guitar playing.

As interlude to playing Darius would take a Q and A break after every 2 or 3 songs. He answered questions without a hitch or hick up just like if he had it all planned our. Darius is a very smooth laid back personable gentleman from his performance to his Q & A sessions. This is someone I can relate to and listen to his music. During one of the breaks someone asked to hear Darius jam for about 20 seconds. (now I’m sure the guy was wanting to hear Darius play the Guitar but what we got was far better than any expectation) Darius broke out in a vocal solo with no back up, no guitar, no music, or tempo to back him up…. Wow this actually gave me goose bumps clear crisp the actual rich baritone voice of Darius was out there for all to hear.

The evening turned out great would have been good with just listening to the Railbenders but to listen to Darius Rucker .. It made it a memorable evening.


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