Friday, November 21, 2008

Front Page of NowPublic "Real World Minority Report"

NowPublic is a News and media outlet that is powered by its subscribers. When some one finds something on the web they find note worthy or have their own twist (Me being twisted, I always have a twist) they can flag it and put their take on the storie out there for all to read. I have found this site to be very interesting it has a mix of folks contributing from all over the world.

A couple of days ago I found something interesting that I wanted to share with NowPublic’s community originally the article came from PCWorld was entitled “Hi-Tech Shirts Link Social Networks To the Real World.”

Now for the self indulgent part (I don’t know if it self indulgent, tooting my own horn, brash, brazen, or just plain wrong) but I got my 15 minutes of Fame. (Kind of a let down a couple of days later but hey I did it.) It just got me really excited so I had to put it out there.

Here is what I wrote and the links to the NowPublic article directly:

“I don't know how many remember the movie Minority Report 2002 Tom Cruise plays John Anderton, a top Pre-Crime cop in the late 21st century. Well this has nothing to do with Pre-Crime or "Pre-Cogs", but it does have relative freakish feeling of "they know where you are and what your doing" When John (Tom Cruise) is walking through the city after he has had his eyes replaced. All of the automated systems are calling him Mr. Yakamoto due to the Eye-dent. Well now a company in the Netherlands has come up with a "bar code" so to speak that you wear, and can be linked to your social web page not a sophisticated as Eye-dent. Hmmm.. how much longer till we all get the barcode inked to our neck or the little microchip implanted under our skin. Big Brother will (or is) be watching." Here is the Link to NowPublic


NowPublic is a great site, I registered earlier this year as a member and began writing and submitting stories.

It feels pretty good to have one of your stories hit the front page on the site. Before I stopped posting there (for my own reasons) I had submitted 27 stories with 17 of them making the front page. They even sent me a free t-shirt in the mail!

I see you're pretty new there but slowly making your way.

Here's my NP page:

NowPublic: nukemdomis

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