Thursday, December 3, 2009

Acer Aspire One Powers on but the screen remains black how to fix

Acer Aspire One Powers on but the screen remains black how to fix

AOA-150 AOA-110 ZG5 won't boot powers on lights come on but nothing on the screen

Every thing on my Blog is from personal experience This worked for me .. Your Milage May Vary ... ;)

To repair this issue you need another computer and a USB Flash drive... like the one in the dreaded Flash Drive article here and internet

First things first this only will work for the Aspire One AOA-110 and the AOA-150 if you don't have these models don't try this fix.

Second if you have Warranty from the store you purchased it from check with them first and / or with Acer Tech-Support

If you are bound and determined to do this your self... ***** I take no responsibilities just providing information here ******

Click on the Hyperlink and download the BIOS Flash for the Aspire one

or go here and navigate to your specific model

Extract the zip file in there there will be a DOS directory go in to that directory

These are the files you are concerned with

*** From Acer's Web site

In the Dos_Flash folder, rename the BIOS file from 3310.fd to ZG5IA32.FD, in all capital letters.

Copy ZG5IA32.FD and Flashit.exe to the USB flash drive

Ensure that the AC adapter is plugged in.

Insert the USB flash drive into a USB port.

Press and Hold down the Fn and the Esc keys together and press the power button.

When the unit's power light comes on wait a few seconds and release the Fn and Esc keys.

After the keys have been released the power light will start to blink.

During the BIOS update process the display will be blank.

Let the unit run and after approximately 1 to 7 minutes, the unit should reboot and the BIOS will be updated.

If the unit fails to reboot, or the BIOS was not updated sucessfully, try the steps again. If the unit continues to fail to reboot,

the unit may need service.

Note: These instructions are only for the Acer Aspire One AOA-110 and the AOA-150 netbook series and should not be

performed on any other model Acer Aspire One.

If it Worked Properly ... Rock on you are now looking at the Post and booting in to Windows...

Good Luck in all of your endeavors..

And remember
Digital is Bliss
Cheap is Priceless
Perception is A reality (mine at least)


It is very important to check a used computer thoroughly before buying it as it may lead to problems in the future.

I told a friend about this article and pointed her to your blog. She's got the same problem but now it's been fixed. Thanks!

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