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Asus Eee Pc 1005HAB Tear-down Dissasembly How To get to Hard Drive PART 2

Asus Eee Pc 1005HAB Tear-down Dissasembly How To get to Hard Drive PART 2

The Continuation of
Asus Eee Pc 1005HAB Tear-down Dissasembly How To get to Hard Drive

If you want to see my review of the 1005HAB its here

If you are going to disassemble your EEEPc either the 1005HA or the 1005HAB please send a comment on this post Eee Pc 1005HAB Power issues. There may be an emerging power issue with these .. or it could just be a fluke. Thanks

How to get to the Hard Drive to replace it Asus Eee PC 1005HAB / Hard drive replacement how to Eee Pc 1005HA

after you get the memory cover off ... there is one screw that needs to be removed. circled

after you flip it back over (gently) you will find 4 keepers at the top of the keyboard these need to be pushed in while pulling up on the keyboard.. to release it. sorry the pictures don't show very well got to work on Macro Picture taking .. more light better zoom. After all of the clips are released the keyboard will be free to fold back on the touch pad.. It might not seem that way but as long as you have all of the screws out including the one in the memory bay it will come loose ... there is a piece of double sided tape that is adhered to the keyboard as well (shown in later pictures). But don't just rip the keyboard up ... you have to remember the delicate ribbon cable underneath still attached to the system-board.

There are 2 clips up at the top of the chassis circled as well you will need to remember when you are finally ready to take the top bezel off

fold the keyboard back on to the touch pad and you can get to the ribbon cable for the keyboard and the touch pad.

once you have the keyboard off ... there are 5 screws for got to circle the one in the top left by the LCD hinge...

Note the yellow sticker .. if removed or broken... Warranty VOID

And I have an arrow pointing to the double sided tape that caused a bit of trouble taking the keyboard off .. though there was a hidden screw somewhere.

after all of the screws are out you will need to use a Spudger ( plastic thing that you use for all Mac products iPod's iBooks... its like the classic tool google it lol ) or a cut up credit card .. (like I have said before its the only thing they are good for... computer repair)

there are plastic keepers all the way around the chassis you need to wedge the CC or Spudger all the way around the outside of the laptop including up by the LCD screen until all of the keepers come loose they snap .. sounds like you are breaking it .. just be very careful.

once you have the top bezel free if you have not already disconnected the track pad ribbon do it now..

you can see the hard drive WAHOOO its a standard laptop sized SATA drive... and should take a larger hard drive.. like I said before I wanted to put a 500GB in to see how it would do but as I continued ... DOH !!! more impending doom fell from the sky and I had to quickly put it back together ... but you get the idea

disconnect the zif cable from the power board to the system board and the 2 screws on the side and one you can just see circled pull out the drive remove the hard drive carrier (4 more screws one on each corner of the drive) .. and slap a new drive in and your rockin and rollin ... put back together in reverse order ...

Good Luck in all of your endeavors..

And remember
Digital is Bliss
Cheap is Priceless
Perception is A reality (mine at least)


Thank you for your informative blow by blow guide to upgrade the hard drive for my Eee. It worked flawlessly (upgraded to a seagate momentus 5400 500gb). It looks like you have room to to install a larger drive (maybe 1TB/12mm vs. 500GB/9mm) if the bios supports it. The Credit Card trick worked well and a hair dryer did the job on the warranty sticker.

I'm typing this response on my Eee and the whole transplant took about 20 mins.

Thanks so much for the details and pictures. These instructions work for the 1005PEB as well.

You made my day... Thanks you so much of your hard work and saving my time.

Hi there,

I stumbled across your site this afternoon while doing some research on a potential mod to my Asus 1005HA, and am very impressed with your detailing! I bookmarked it lol :)

I couldn't find the answer to my question, though: Is there a mini-pce slot on the motherboard of the netbook? I was hoping to install a smallish SSD to run the OS off of, while leaving the HDD for storage, etc. Is this possible without extensive mods, or would I have to lose the wifi card or something else? Thank you in advance for your help!

Your tutorial was brilliant. The only thing that I would like to add is that to remove the KB (at least on this particular model), there are 4 metal clips located in the battery compartment. If you lift these taps outwards, they will release your KB. I used a small screwdriver and carefully lifted them out. After that, I was once again using your instructions. If you find these tabs, then the KB pops out in seconds.
So, thank you for the tutorial. Brilliant!!!!

I used your demonstration to help me switch hard drives on my Asus Eee netbook. The biggest problem I had was getting the clips for the keyboard to release. When I reassembled the computer and pushed the power button, nothing happens. I have opened up the computer three times now and can't find any connections unconnected. Help!


Unfortunately, I may be of little help here as I no longer have the Eee Pc any more.. From every thing I have seen with these you should have not disconnected anything with the power ... make sure the connection on the bottom of the powerboard is still connected... remove the hard drive and try .. could be someting shorting out.. or you may have the Power issue outlined in the link at the top of the post...

Maybe one of the other readers have some suggestions... and will comment.

Thanks for the guide - got stuck, but the bit about the keyboard tabs got me on my way. Much appreciated!

Many thanks for your guide...the keyboard was what had me stumped...and I've worked on a good number of laptops! For future readers - just above the keys on the keyboard - press the little nub up towards the LCD (away from you) and work your way across.

To the person who couldn't get it to turn back on - my first guess would be the cable that goes across the hard drive. The power button is on the right-hand side, the motherboard at the left - the power signal would have to travel across that cable.

If you don't have a spudger use the plastic SD card slot filler thing that comes with the netbook. Works just as well.

Cool. Appreciate the help! Worked like a champ!

excellent video and picture made my work easy...thanks lot

spudger! LOL. I always called it a scribe. You learn something new every day!

thank you.thank you.thank you.thank you.

Thanks for sharing. I didn't have the spudger I use for iPods at hand. My thumbnail worked fine on the 1005HAB plastic, though.

You most likely connected the keyboard connector to the debug one, I did and had the same issue. Took apart, discovered the mistake, and runs like a champ now

im hoping that some could help me out with the issue regarding my Asus Eee pc 1005HA too which i used wrong powersupply burnt smell i open up too discover that right beside power plug in onn motherboard there i saw a half blown chip? dont know what its called and cant read or describe what it says could help me out

Thanks for the steps - it was pretty helpful. However, Mine had six screws holding it in, and I wish you could have had a better explanation of removal of the ribbon cable for the keyboard - I chipped mine trying to remove it, but it still works.

Thanks very much for the tutorial. I waited six months for the day I would be able to focus enough to follow through all the instructions step by step. Today was the day and I'm feeling pretty good about it. I got my harddrive out but the enclosure is across town. I'll retrieve my data tomorrow and try and reinstall/put it all back together tomorrow. Sure beats no repair nor replacement because of finances. I also really hate to waste something electronic that can be fixed. Thanks again.

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