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Asus Eee Pc 1005HAB Disassembly Tear-down Memory How To

Asus Eee Pc 1005HAB NetBook Disassembly / teardown Memory How To Upgrade

As always I'm on a shoe string budget on getting the latest and greatest computer toys. But when I do .. I just have to find out how they work and what can be done to upgrade them or modify them to my liking.

On to getting to the memory on this little


***If you are going to disassemble your EEEPc either the 1005HA or the 1005HAB please send a comment on this post Eee Pc 1005HAB Power issues. There may be an emerging power issue with these .. or it could just be a fluke. Thanks ***

Sorry have to do this ... Standard Warnings included here

What is needed: Clean Space to work you should have an anti-static mat and wrist strap as well.

make sure you discharge any static build up before working on any electronic components
and if you get up to get coffee or any other reason discharge again before touching anything

****** Warning this could void your warranty (if you still have one) and can render your laptop useless if you do something wrong if you are not comfortable taking this or any electronic product apart have a qualified Service Technician do if for you I take no responsibilities if you decide to to this your self. There is always a risk of electrocution as well capacitors can retain a charge and the power supply as well as the battery should be removed when any repair is made. (have to do this warning just a CYA thing) OH BTW DON'T DO THIS (ok that should cover me)********

First you need the NetBook here is what this one looks like and the spec's.. in the Mini Review of the 1005HAB

Flip the laptop over ... (after doing a safe shut down Please) and remove the battery ... and power cord if still attached.

The memory bay is accessed via 1 screw (circled) and the plastic cover

remove the screw and pry up there are plastic clips that will com free from the surrounding chassis.

I have circled the plastic keepers (clips) that will release when you pry up on the memory cover.

With the memory cover off you have direct access to the memory dimm push out on each one of the silver keepers and the module will pop up ... pull it out replace it with a 2GB module put the cover back on battery back in and continue computing bliss with your upgraded 1005HAB Mini Laptop from Asus.

I pulled the 1GB ram stick out and opted for an inexpensive 2GB module of Corsair DDR2 667mhz. Local MicroCenter had the 4GB kit on sale a while ago for 50$...

Good Luck in all of your endeavors..

And remember
Digital is Bliss
Cheap is Priceless
Perception is A reality (mine at least)


Hi, thanks so much for your explanations!

I would like to ask you a question about this computer if possible. I took it apart to remove the wireless card (for something else).
After I put it back together I see that the screen light is not working! The computer is on (if I shine a flashlight I can see the screen) but the light bulb isn't working.
Any ideas what I did wrong? Did I blow a flashbulb or did I change some configurations?

thanks!!! Please post answer here.


If you did not take the LCD assembly apart I would say it is unlikely that you damaged the BackLight for the display .. more likely that you did not get it reconnected correctly ... I would take it apart again and double check all of you connections. The only other thing I can think of is a pinched cable or something like that or hardware incompatability of some type ... are you using a different wireless card for BT4 or something or using the broadcom hidef video.. Unfortunately I no longer have the Eee PC to tear into to see what you may be seeing ...

good luck there is a possiblity that some one else may be able to chime in here.

I guess I could try to take it apart again and reconnect everything...
What is the "LCD assembly" that you referred to?


Sorry for the confusion I mean the display assembly ... I keep thinking about the larger laptops they have LCD's (liquid crystal display's) most of the new NetBooks have LED display's (light emitting diode) ...

Either way you may have not connected something back to where it was.. I would double check all of your connections again.

Thanks for the helpful information. One additional question - what is the maximum amount of ram this will take? I've heard 2GB, but you reference 4GB "on sale" so now I'm uncertain.

Lisa & Rob
you are correct that it will only take 2GB of ram .. the referance was I was able to get a 4GB kit for 50 from microcenter and use one of the 2GB chips in this machine and the other 2GB chip in the HP mini 1000..
Thanks for reading and commenting

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