Saturday, March 7, 2020

$100 Tech Haul an Apple affair

I am an "ID10T" in technical terms!!

Keep me off of the Market Place, Offer Up, Craigslist and the like.

Well needless to say here is the run down.. Later videos will go through the full installs of OS X cleaning, repairing, and testing the systems to make sure they will be good for the next home they get.

**** Who knows I may gift one or two of them here on the channel so make sure you are subscribed and hit that bell to know when new videos come out!! ****

None came with power supplies and only 1 or 2 hard drives and batteries / Memory will have to be sourced later.

MacBook Pro 13" 2.26 GHz Model: A1278 ID: MacBook Pro 5,5
MacBook Pro 15" 2.53 GHz Model: A1286 ID: MacBook Pro 5,1
MacBook Pro 15" 2.93 GHz Model: A1286 ID: MacBook Pro 5,1

A Dead Power Mac G5 Dual 2Ghz maybe @HrutkayMods Wants it!
Thank you so much to him for creating his channel, all the videos have been instrumental in helping me with some of the things I have been able to do with the Mac Pro's.
Check him out here:

Also a big thank you to @dosdude1 for the help with getting unsupported OS X versions on older equipment. With out his diligent work none of this would be possible. We would all be stuck with El Cap or the dreaded Lion. UGH!!

And Finally the one I was really after!!
The Mac Pro 3,1 Dual Quad Core Xeon 2.8 GHz E5462 Processors Model: A1186

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