Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Adobe Did It! Released Flash 10.2 for Android

Adobe has released a beta version of Adobe Flash for Android devices. The new update is available for mobiles running on Android 2.2, 2.3 or 3.0.

Well I know what I will be doing tonight seeing that I finally was able to activate my HTC Droid Incredible today from Verizon. With Android version 2.2 I should be able to download Adobe Flash 10.2 Beta from Android Market.

Now I will have to get really interested in hacking the Archos 5 IT so I can get it upgraded to Android 2.2 so I can take full advantage of the Adobe release ... By the way there is a link there for the ARcos 5 IT that shows it works....

Hmmm.. I wonder how it will work on the Pandigital Novel I hacked up to Android 2.2 ( DOH double checked .. Pandigital is still only on 2.1 even hacked .. so no Flash just yet)..

Will just have to see...

Go out Download Adobe Flash 10.2 Beta ... and let the videos begin... So far works great with youtube in browser...

Will have to try other flash video sites...

The main improvements come to users of Android Honeycomb which is the tablet version of the operating system. Android tablets will now benefit from the ability to load full flash content.

Another key improvement is to dual-core devices which will now benefit from increased speed and improved battery life. Single-core users will see slight improvements to the Youtube player.

The new version will also now support 720p video playback and addresses a security issue that plagued previous versions.


Still unable to download flash on my pandigital. No android market access because google doesnt recognize it as a phone. Any work arounds would be appreciated. Pandigital's firmware with its "Open Android" platform comes with SlideME as the alternative to the actual Android Market, but of course they don't have have the Flash download. Direct download from Adobe still says the pandigital is not compatible. If you get it working let us know.

Well unfortunately the Pandigital novels are still stuck on Android 2.1 the last time I checked and Flash is only available for 2.2 and up at this time..

As for putting Market on the Pandigital I used kewlguy's firmware to get things all set up off SlateDroid..

Thanks for the tip. Think ill give them a week or two and see if they update one more time.

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