Saturday, March 19, 2011

nOOb Way to Root the ePad ZT-180

Android ePad Rooting or the Zenithink ZT-180 Root. Quick and simple way to root the ePad. Every on knows how to use the down and dirties of the linux based Android and the SDK Tools right!!!! Well I'm Not .. I do have some Linux Certifications but that has been years back so I need an quick and easy nOOb friendly way of rooting my ePad.

***It is possible
that rooting your ePad / Zenithink can render it bricked or otherwise useless.. Broken Damaged... or blow up. I take no responsibility for any damage that occurs to your Android Tablet.. I am not the owner or creator of the software here.. JUST A CYA thing****

Download UniversalAndroot it is an apk just like any other application you would download for your Android.

Once its downloaded (if you are doing this on your ePad) just click on the apk and it will install and open it.

If you did not open it after installing it should be in your ePad's drawer and it looks like this.

After you open UniversalAndroot you will see 3 buttons... **** if you have upgraded the ePad / Zenithink to Froyo 2.2 you can not use the option for Superuser for Android 2.0 ~ 2.2 you must select DO Not Install Super user when you click on it. Other wise it will error out.*** if you are still on 2.1 your good to go..

After you have selected your Superuser info hit Root:-) and watch the magic..

Good luck .. Later to come The Wi-Fi txPower Fix for the Zenithink ZT-180
Later to come The Wi-Fi txPower Fix for the ePad

And here is the rest of it.


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