Saturday, March 19, 2011

ePad txpower fix / hack Better Wifi Performance Zenithink ZT-180

The ePad or Zenithink Android Table as mentioned in previous postings is pretty good out of the box .. But there is always something we can do to make it better.

txpower hack on the ePad / Zenithink will reduce some of the heat that is given off on the back of the Android Tablet... BTW its HOT... not hot enough to burn you but it does get warm. And the txpower fix will also improve wifi performance as well as the battery life.

The first thing you will need "You Must ROOT your ePad / Zenithink first" (if you have not done so click the link to get that done first then come back here)

Download this file.. RootExplorer

***It is possible

that rooting your ePad / Zenithink can render it bricked or otherwise useless.. Broken Damaged... or blow up. I take no responsibility for any damage that occurs to your Android Tablet.. I am not the owner or creator of the software here.. JUST A CYA thing****

You can download RootExplorer
directly to your ePad / Zenithink ZT-180 or to your computer and transfer it with a flash drive or SD card.

Install the apk just like any other application and open it or go in to your drawer and look for this

Open RootExplorer it's not a pretty gui by any stretch of the imagination just a good file system utility. Upon opening RootExplorer you may get a superuser popup – tick the Remember box and then click on Allow.

scroll down to /etc click
scroll down to /Wireless

then open /RT2870STA

So your full Path should be /etc/Wireless/RT2870STA

Click on the Mount R/W Button to make the files Writable (other wise Read only).

Click and hold on RT2870STA.dat file

a context menu will come up scroll down to where it says Open in Text Editor

Find where it says TxPower=100

change that to say TxPower=20 ... like mine shows .. hit the home button save your file it will make a back up file for you if you need to revert back. and enjoy your Hacked ePad / Zenithink ZT-180


Once I'm rooted, shouldn't any file manager and/or a terminal emulator let me get into the /system folder and modify files? Does it have to be root explorer for some reason?

I'm using UniversalAndroot, and it says I'm rooted but when I try to modify a file or su it says insufficient permission.

Is there another way to root? I'm in Android 2.2, kernel version


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