Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Acer No Chrome OS Yet.

Acer says No Go, on Chrome OS. So the rumors that have been spread by quite a few blogs including yours truly are wrong unless Acer has something up its sleeves for Computex.

In a press release dated May 17th 2011 Acer states: "Despite recent rumors in the press regarding the launch of Chrome OS based Netbooks at Computex, Acer today confirms that it has no short-term plans for such a product."

So no ChromeBook from Acer just yet.

they go on to say: "Acer believes that Google Chrome OS is without doubt an exciting product announcement and deserves full attention as well as an in-depth study of its potential from a consumer’s perspective. Acer is naturally interested in any product or service that enhances the overall experience of its products and will of course be following the development and progress of Google Chrome and the evolution of Google’s overall product strategy very closely."

Obviously Google's (bent on taking over the world... lol) OS may just not be ready for prime time.

Who needs cloud computing??? Just give me the Quad-Core Android Tablet and Angry Birds...


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