Monday, May 9, 2011

Nvidia Cellphone's?

Nvidia the well know Video Chip maker that ousted ATI has been making a move from the graphics chip to a leader in the higher performance mobile and tablet processors.

If you have been reading CE's GeekBook you know Nvidia from the HP DV series issues with their video chips separating from the motherboards and causing blank screen and no booting issues

Apparently Nvidia is making a move to purchase Icera a privately owned mobile phone radio chip maker.

The deal could be in excess of

$367 Million, the deal will help Nvidia to offer makers of mobile phones saving time to market. Nvidia already has its Tegra 2 line of CPU's out:

"Dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 CPU — The world's first mobile dual-core CPU for faster Web browsing, snappier response time, and overall better performance. The Cortex-A9 is the first mobile CPU with out of order execution for more efficient processing, resulting in a better overall experience.

Ultra-low power (ULP) GeForce GPU — Architected for low-power applications, the ULP GeForce GPU delivers outstanding mobile 3D game playability and a visually engaging, highly-responsive 3D user interface.

1080p Video Playback Processor — Watch 1080p HD movies stored on your mobile device on your HDTV without compromising battery life." Referance

For more info on the Deal Find the Story on Reuters


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