Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Quad-Core Android Tablet

Speculations of a Quad-Core Android Tablet from Amazon may be released in late 2011. Powered by Nvidia's mobile quad-core chip "Kal-El" (apparently reference to Superman real name)

The Quad-Core model from Amazon is rumored to be named "Hollywood" and the dual-core model based on the Nvidia Tegra 2 Chip will be "Coyote".

No wonder Intel is looking to shift focus from the desktop and standard laptop processors to the mobile centric power efficient processors.

Nvidia's Quad-Core Processor along with 12-core GeForce GPU built in to an Android Table?

The one nice thing about the Nvidia processor and GPU rumored to be put in to Amazon's table is it is capable of 2560X1600 display. As long as Amazon does not skimp on the display panel this should look really sweet. And the use of a Capacitive touchscreen would be a must. I would hope Amazon would not consider an Android Table with a resistive screen.

Back to the Question of Who Really Needs A Quad-Core Android Tablet?

I mean really, does your Angry Birds game need all of that power.

Now if they are offering a Dock and a full productivity suite to go along with the Android Table as well as a copy of either Crysis or GTA4..

Then it may be worth while.. But as of yet I really can not see why you would need it. Much less in a Smart Phone With a Quad-Core processor ... But they will be here soon enough.


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