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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Dell Streak 7 Honeycomb and Mac OSX

Dell Streak 7
Picked up a cheap Dell Streak 7 brand new in the box (sealed) yesterday with HoneyComb 3.2 pre-installed.. Let me just say this is an awesome fast 7 inch android tablet with the 1GHz Dual Core nVidia Tegra T20 Processor. There are some design issues I am not exactly happy with but on the most part I am very pleased with it. This was picked up due to some issues with the Pandigital SuperNova that I will cover later (unfortunately it was a present and is out of town with the person I bought it for so troubleshooting will have to be next week>).

Setting up the Dell Streak 7 was
a breeze no real hacking or moding required seeing that the big G has blessed this tablet for market and all of the Google apps.

Will Root the Dell Streak 7 Click here for the post in a bit and let you know how that process went.

But for now I just wanted to hook the Dell Streak up to my MacBook Pro running OSX and came to a sad realization. Natively OSX will not discover the Dell Streak 7.

I find this very odd due to a couple of things.

First off Android on the Dell Steak 7 and Mac OSX are both variants of *nix.

Second any other Android I have hooked up to the Mac OSX just work in USB storage mode.

So to temporarily fix this issue I had to down load androidfiletransfer.dmg and install it you can get the files from here androidfiletransfer.dmg once the dmg is installed you can see your Dell Streak 7 in Mac OSX but you must use the program to transfer files. Byte me Dell

Dell Streak 7 on Mac OSX


Sorry, but Mac OSX is not a Linux variant, it is a BSD Unix variant. Also, I too have the Dell Streak 7 with Honeycomb pre-installed and it is great, but the Android v3.2 Honeycomb developers (which is a Linux variant - very varied LOL) in their wise and wonderful wisdom, broke the USB connectivity. While I can connect my Samsung Android 2.2 Froyo smartphone to my Linux workstation as a storage device over USB port, the Android 3.2 Honeycomb is not so sweet and USB does not work to connect it as a storage device. I wound up installing an ftp package that lets me connect to the Streak 7 and upload/download files.

One more comment, again I also have the Dell Streak 7 with Android 3.2 Honeycomb pre-installed. There is one major issue which is seen under Settings / Applications / Battery Use. The Cell Standbye app eats up 63% (ie. most by far) of the battery life. This website says you have to root the device and rename these files and reboot, like so: User Super Manager to rename the below files...


So I would be very interested to see if you can root your phone and fix this too, because then I need to do the same. Please let us know, because this will add a good deal more life to the battery for those of us only using WIFI, not cellular data network.

Thanks for the comment ... but you may want to re-read the post again I never said OSX was a Linux variant I said it was a *nix variant Including BSD and all sources of Unix.. thanks for the info on the ftp.


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