Tuesday, December 6, 2011

HTC Incredible Root with Unrevoked ??

HTC Droid Incredible Root With the Unrevoked3 ... will not work if you have done the current OTA 4.08.605.2 for Gingerbread 2.3.4.

"failed to get root. Is your firmware too new ...‎"

I have tried just straight running the program and following the instructions on XDADevelopers as follows Thanks scotty1223.. BTW I am using a MAC to Root the HTC Incredible and modifyed the instructions just a bit to suit my set up ..

I am again not responsible for your phone or your actions... Do this at your own peril ...

1)download these files,and save them somewhere you can easily find them:

unrevoked 3.22 unrevoked 3.22
md5: 5760fbe8ed6d44752e78433252f2d5b2

unrevokeds modified usb drivers public:windows_hboot_driver_install [RootWiki]

mini-adb_inc(contains misc image,flash image,and some basic adb tools)Multiupload.com - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!
md5: a793cc0142e1cd18f60849894bbc47cd

PB31IMG for 2.2 PB31IMG.zip
md5: 31bb1611a0fa8197d447c0438426717e

clockwork Multiupload.com - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!
md5: e8ac35ddc1c37000bb0852d1f380b5bb

**make sure to check the md5 sums match those listed!**
if you dont have an md5 sum verifier on your PC,there are many out there for free. heres an example: Home of the MD5summer

2)root with unrevoked 3.22
-open the recovery-clockwork- download. extract it first if you need to. inside there is an image called "recovery-clockwork-". right click on this image,then click "copy". navigate to a directory you can easily find it,then right click in that directory,then "paste". alternatively,you can drag it from the extracted folder to a convienient spot(i personally like to drag files around,but its fine either way).
-use your md5 summer to verify the md5 of just the image,not the whole .zip. it should be: ea382ca5809cb872d0582aa22741d592
-install the drivers as described on unrevokeds page above.
-place your phone in charge mode,and make sure usb debugging is checked ON in settings/applications/development.
-extract the contents of the unrevoked 3.22 .zip. open the folder, right click on "reflash" and run as administrator if possible.
-click on "file" in the corner of the relfash window
-click custom recovery
-navigate to,and select your "recovery-clockwork-" image and select it. at the bottom of your reflash app window, it should now say "recovery:custom" and "waiting for device"
-plug in your phone,and assuming you installed the drivers correctly,unrevoked 3.22 will start. let it do its thing. it will reboot a couple of times. when its finished,it may leave you on a blank screen. if this is the case,pull the battery and reboot.
-you should now have the superuser app in your app drawer. if so,go to settings/applications/manage apps/superuser and clear data. test that superuser is working and granting permissions by downloading rom manager,and using it to flash the newest clockwork recovery. alternatively,download and run a "root checker" or any of your favorite "root only" apps and make sure they work.
-once you get "successfully flashed clockwork recovery" boot to it and make a backup,since downgrading to get s-off WILL wipe all your data. boot back into the operating system.
*special note to slcd users: this version of unrevoked is installig an old, non-compatible version of clockwork,so you will just see a black screen if you do not install newer clockwork as described above.
-if you plan to install a custom rom after downgrading,now is a good time to download titaium backup,and its pro key(WELL worth the $$) and do a batch backup of all your user apps and app data(no system data)

*at this point,you could just enjoy root access without doing anything else. if all you care about is using a couple of root only apps,and deleting some bloatware,you can remain rooted and s-on if youd like. id personally reccomend to downgrade and become s-off in case future OTAs knock out your root access.

then you could try the other ROM's and S-Off if you can get this to work I could not ... Good luck ... and let me know if you do get it to work.


Thank you Elliot, this worked.

I was trying to ROOT an HTC Droid Incredible 1 (DINC) with the error "Failed to get root - Is your firmware too new" - I tried many many things myself and as searched online... no luck.

Then, I found this post and IT WORKED.

If anyone with the SLCD HTC Droid Incredlible (1) is having a problem with Unrevoked root ' failed to get root - is your firmware too new ' (AND, you have tried all other troubleshooting methods with no luck, then this is the solution for you !

Thank you for posting!

I still get the error about the firmware, and ive followed these instructions to a T !

for the last comment followed to a T... I tried it on Mac OSX and could not get it to work either... we may have to wait for unrevoked to update their patch for the HTC Incredible :(

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