Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Install Android Market Pandigital SuperNova

So you want Android Market on your Pandigital SuperNova??

It Works Android Market is now installed on the SuperNova!!! This was done on IR80_S_BN_W_A_A_09282011 with no OTA updates... YMMV Remember do this at your own risk!!!

** You should also be able to remover Market or reset the the Pandigital SuperNova by going in to Settings > Privacy settings and press Factory data reset. if you don't want root any more after doing this process. This should wipe every thing (including apps and personal data so back up what you need) and put the SuperNova back to the way it was out of the box.***

Or check
Fail Safe for bricked Pandigital SuperNova. for possible recovery of Stuck on boot or battery.

**** As usual here is your sign...

Warning Not responsible

for your tablet you are ... you could brick your Pandigital SuperNova doing this and you could also void your warranty... I am not responsible for what you do... ****

This will get Market running
on the SuperNova, you may not get all of the apps that you want due to the fact that the SuperNova has not been blessed by the Big G... You may be able to hack the Market Build.Prop file after rooting and gain more apps but I am not even sure spoofing the Android Market like that will work.

Download The G

And copy over to your Pandigital SuperNova. I copied it on to the SD card in the download folder.

Optionally you can down load this file They say it is a newer version of the Android Market but I have not gotten this one to work just yet..

Using the Built in ES File Explorer navigate to where you saved the G file long press and it will bring up a context menu where you can chose Extract to. Just leave the default G Tablet/ and click ok

Donations are always accepted

Then you can Go in to the G Tablet folder then app folder. And you will see the .apk's you need to install.

**** Warning do it exactly this way read first the read again and do :) *****

Install files in this order:

onetime initializer
setup wizard
google services framework.

THEN Market (Which is the Vending.apk); after installing market DO NOT OPEN. after install, immediately POWER OFF
after new power up push "use by default this action": press Launcher
launch market. follow prompts to setup account. (I used account linked to my phone)
Done! And No, I didn't have to do any kind of a factory reset

Thanks to Edge310 over at SlateDroid and daprospecta at androidtablets
Here is a link to the thread over at androidtablets


I have the PD SUpoerNova too, and have tried several times to install these apps and have always recieved an error "Parsing" files.

Can you tell me if you have been successful yet?

Thomas I have not yet had the chance to sit down and actually get it done... Hope I will have an update for you tomorrow...

I usually don't post until I have done it .. but did not want to loose the info ... so let the system put it out there so I can grab it..

I just bought the Supernova and rooted it yesterday, but I hadn't been able to get the Market working despite about 8 hours of trying (and I have rooted and ROMed a HeroC and an EVO 3D). The instructions and files in this post worked flawlessly. I didn't even have to factory reset despite my previous fiddling around.

Thank you!

Hi. I have the PD SuperNova and no SD card. Is it OK to install without an SD card? Thanks

As far as installing Android Market with out an SD card On the Pandigital SuperNova I would assume that it will work? But I had a 4GB SD card installed during the process so not really sure on this.

Try it and let us know. :)

I do know that you must have one when you Root the Pandigital SuperNova.

It works!!! I seriously just opened up the box here and rooted it using this. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!


I followed the instructions and it worked just fine.The ONLY problem I have is the Calender doesn't list any Google calenders in it. Is there a fix for that?

I lost my Wi-Fi after this on my Supernova. I tried a Factory rest, still nothing. Any suggestions?

NO! It is not working. I had to reset.

Besides, now I am having problems signing in my other market accounts.

Also firmware could not be updated after reset.


After installing everything do i have to have android account tied to a phone for this to work? Or can i just sign up for a new acount with the supernova when done?

THANK YOU SOO MUCH. I have spent the past 72 hours digging through the internet looking for how to get the market and google apps on my supernova. This is the ONLY thing that worked. +1 for a great post.

Do you HAVE to be rooted? And is it proven that the root will dissappear after a factory reset? Because I have a Droid X that if I do a Factory reset it does NOT remove root.

it's not working on mine. just reboots to battery screen..

This is awesome you just made my day! Now with access to Market this opens so much to the possibilities with this tablet =) Thank you very much!

Thank you so much this opens up so much more for my use of this tablet! Wow!

WoW! This is PERFECT! I LOVE YOU! I can't believe how easy it was TOO!

I can't believe it worked! I don't have the back panel or an internal card, but using internal storage worked for me. :D

Works like a charm, thanks a lot ! Using latest firmware update as of 12/24.

HELP!!! Worked like a charm on my daughter's tablet. I tried the same on my son's (same tablet) and the tablet is stuck on start up screen with the green Android icon and says "Welcome to PD_Novel" and to touch android to begin (which doesn't do anything).
Help!!! I have a 12 year old who is about to strangle me.

did this with the instructions provided, except I used the file not the one in the G It worked great. Make sure you do not have 2 part verification set on your google account. Also when downloading apps from the market, they are unsuccessful. I will play with it and see if I can get it to work.

Update not sure if this will help the folks that have had problems... but

Fail Safe for bricked Pandigital SuperNova. for possible recovery of Stuck on boot or battery.

If you use the new vice the one that is in the G file, it will not allow you to download from the market. I had to reset to factory using the I will try without that and see if it works and post my results.

It worked. Follow the above steps, and don't use the file. It does not let you download the files. Hopefully we can update the market sometime. I love the new look better than this look.

:D I got EVERYTHING working!!! The google search bar, UN-ROOT process, Voice Actions, Youtube app, UPDATED Google Maps, and, Last but not least THE UPDaTED Facebook app. I just use root explorer and cracked some apps. and they all work if ANYONE wants a link, Reply to this comment plz@ this is the updated market that works. Just put on SD and install. Everything works.

I tried all day to do this process on my boyfriends tablet, it never worked. After that I factory reset it and not the pre installed programs like facebook are acting funny and don't work. Not sure what to do ... HELP!!!! Can is it unrooted? ruined? Idk what to do?
I was just trying to help...

Tried this and now its stuck on the start up screen with the Android guy I need to if anyone found a fix for this please email me at

Did this on my Pandigital Supernova. If anyone has trouble with WIFI after installing, format your memory card (erase), then do a hard reset. Once it resets, you'll still have problems, so go into ES File Explorer, click on the SD Card symbols on the top for left so that it's now the House symbol. You'll see a bunch of files (acct, adept, cache, etc). Click on the system folder, and then the app folder. Find the green WIFI symbol (file name is Everywa..., its next to the Facebook.apk). Now, install it (yes, you wanna replace it.) after doing this, my tab restarted itself, and I redid the installation steps and then BOOM. Like magic, it worked. :)

worked like a charm for me. much better tablet now. however, has anyone found an updates market that works? this version is old and when i search apps, MANY of them don't show up. for example, if i search for the kindle fire app it will say that there are xxx results (546 for example), but only shows about 8 or 9 and none of them are the actual kindle fire app. it does this with many apps i try to find. any suggestions? i wanted a cheap tablet, but i may have to return this if i can't get full market access.

I had the same problems with the apps not showing up in market. I just Googled apps in apk. format & that seems to work.

I didn't root Supernova, just installed Market. Will installing firmware updates screw things up?

The Market issue may finally be solved. I was able to get this version to work on Gingerbreak rooted Pandigital Supernova with no issues.

If you updated and are having issues with the wifi, you have to downgrade to this by putting on the root of your micro sd card then updating to the current FW with the FW update button. You can get the file here: . I have rebooted and shutoff and turned on the pad several times and still have wifi. i am fairly happy with this after rooting it (i understand that i get what i pay for)...BUT...our touchscreen becomes completely unresponsive very often. it's so bad that we have to manually shut it down constantly. is this a known issue? is anyone else having this problem? or is mine faulty?

To the Last comment about the the touchscreen on the Pantidigtal SuperNova unresponsive .... This is not an issue with rooting or installing market on the tablet.. there seems to be a manufacture defect in the capacitive screen. Some thing that Pandigital Needs to look at.

Same problem with a base are stock Pandigital SuperNova the capacitive Screen just stopped working all together. And no amount of factory re-set or firmware reset will fix this.

to add to what I said about the wifi. Do not update your reader until I check something first. My wifi stopped again after a day of use. I am going to figure this out and report back.

How do you downgrade the firmware? I've been having wifi problems since day 1. It won't connect - it just keeps disconnecting and scanning. Mine comes with a the current firmware ----> IR80_S_AZ_W_A_A11172011 and I think it's preventing me from rooting it and getting the market to work.

Thanks for the info - Great Post! I am now back on the 10/27 Firmware (To avoid wifi issues), rooted, UOT Kitchen Mod installed, and Gapps W/Market. This thing is almost useful :)

Easy install, just read people :).

Pickup my Supernova today and followed your instructions and worked like a champ!!

Your the man!! thanks!! Hey if there any other cool thinks you come across let me know.

I got it installed and it worked great but with the android market there is only like 20 apps total if that how is that fixed??? or maybe an updated version

Worked great for me! I am having the same issues with the market not showing all the apps but I guess it's better than nothing. SuperNova DLX with firmware IR80_S_AZ_W_A_A_11172011. Rooted with GingerBreak 1.2

Thanks for the help!

Awesome!!! Thank you so very very much. This tablet was purchased by Grandma who had no idea what she was buying. So it left a 12 y/o a little disappointed. Purchased a Samsung Galaxy for her and now I have my own that will be a fine time waster.

Baffled! I followed the G method and it worked like a charm. It was so well instructed I was amazed, but tell me has anyone got the method to installing an updated version of android market for PD supernova. Email me

I just did this & its working..but barely any apps... does anyone know how to make all the android market apps work? Please help!

Got it to work. Just had to downgrade the firmware. It would be nice now to be able to put the newest market on there but that doesn't seem to be working. Anyone figure it out?

Only way I found that worked to install Google Apps, used Market 3.4.4 instead of Vendor.apk so I could get the newest market and its working great. Thanks!!!

If you cant access all the market how can you download lcd density modder per the instructions in the zipped files

Is there any other place that you have or will post your .zip file so that I can see how to install the latest and greatest Android App market. I'm sure that you've heard megaupload got shut down.

@po8pimp, do you have a mirror for this seeing how megaupload was just taken down ?

Ok, I did everything it said, tried
the market, it kept asking for my google account, so I put it in with password and it kept giving me some kind of network error. So instead of setting the google account up that way, I went to Settings>Accounts&Sync>Add Account
(add your google info)

Enabled Background Data

After I added my account, and enabled background data, I went back to the market, signed in and
everything works perfect now.

My Firmware Version:

Market Version:

Hope this helps!

Po8pimp, or anyone else,

You seem sharp so I wanted to ask you if had any idea why I can't update my firmware. I have IR80_S_BN_W_A_A_08112011 ver. My firmware updater tries to download 11152011. After it does it can't install it. If I try to manually extract it gives me this "null" error. Have you ever seen this?


In light of having to take back the PDSN and starting all over, I would like to take you up on your offer to download the latest firmware update and do the manual install. You can reach me at Also, I followed your instructions on how to install the latest market and it worked like a charm. However, there seemed to be some confusion between step 14 and step 16 of the "Now to continue with the market install:" section; 14 references using HDPI -240 and then 16 selects "Market_mod2_160.apk". I had better luck when at step 16 I used the ****_240apk. Thank you for your expertise.

I just did this & its working..

I used the most recent and followed the instructions (to the "t" I think!).

The only thing I CANNOT do is get LCD Modder Pro to download from the Market (I was ready and willing to buy it too!). When I try to download it, the Market app ( blows up and asks me to force close it.

So even though the Marketplace is working, many of the apps I want (e.g., Netflix, YouTube, Firefox, etc.) simply say "not compatible with your operating system" and I can't get them.

All the other things worked. I think I have the 12112011 firmware.

I had updated the stock (from the store) firmware to whatever is on the automatic firmware updater, but then I got weird problems so I followed the failsafe instructions and recovered back to what I THINK is the stock firmware. I then followed the instructions again and things appeared to work.

I ALSO went to Amazon's website and downloaded their app store and was able to get a few apps that way (like Netflix...which works superbly by the way!).

The problem now is that I cannot mod the SuperNova with LCD Modder Pro such that I can get ALL the Android Marketplace apps to correctly work.

I absolutely LOVE this android pad. Very nice price and a nice unit!

Anonymous February 20, 2012 2:26 PM

I have the exact same problem.

Sounds like a FW rollback is the only way around it and I'd really rather not as the old FW I had seemed pretty buggy and laggy

February 12, Anonymous

Hey I had the same problem as you... here is how I FINALLY!! got the new market installed.

Download this filepack

This will allow you to install an old outdated market which will allow you to download and install LCD Modder Pro. Once you have LCD Modder Pro installed just go into that app and do the Market fix that is built into the app.

This method worked for me like butta

I have down all of the hacks and the downloads. I have Netflix and the Market working, but for some reason I can't get Hulu to install to my device. The Market reads that "This device is incompatible." Has anyone figured a way around this?

Keeps on telling me "Sorry, no application available" Any help?

I was wondering why when i downloaded the new market i cant download any of the apps or games when people are saying it works fine it says not compatible with device i have a super nova and the firm ware is the latest one it says its the most recent

how do i "install" the onetime initializer
setup wizard
google services framework.
i got to were it shows them but am confused on how to install them.. HELP please!

I got up to the last couple steps but what do i click to install the
onetime initializer
setup wizard
google services framework.
Please HELP?!

I cannot access the desktop on my Supernova anymore for sharing on Facebook. The whole Facebook page is different...HELP!!!

i tried the original post instructions and it worked! so simple!! the only trouble i'm having is that my calendar is not working at all (and no other calendars work with it now) and in the android market, it's only showing 5-10 apps AND my skpye isn't working. none of those cons weigh out the pros. but if anyone has any info that can assist with getting my calendar back, more apps displaying in market, and/or fixing skype (i can see them, but they can't see me - audio only works), that would be great.

THANK YOU this was an excellent post. :)

I tried the download the
market will not
come up I get
"web page not
available, the
calendar will not
let me post and
event. My
supernova work

Hello, I'm having the same problem as Julie. Everything worked great but there's only a few apps in the market. How do I get all of the apps to show up???

How can i download market google

This does not work. I have tried this multiple times on two different Pandigital Supernovas with the exact same results. After launching Market for the first time, I get the "Web page not available screen" with the error message "An error has occurred. Please try again later". I wish there was a solution to this problem, because I cannot understand how others have made it work using the exact same tablet.

I did everything in this way and it worked, Thanks, now I need to install NETFLIX and havent found a way to do it, Any help?? Thanks

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