Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Adobe Flash Player 10.1 Public Prerelease Older NetBooks get a Boost??

Adobe has released the flash player 10.1 beta 2

For media hungry netbook users like my self I though this would be a God Send. Hulu, unfortunately is one of my relax times it is also addicting in a way. And the ability to watch in 480p is actually pretty good on my MacBook Pro .. but even more visually appealing on the BrightView screen of the DV2000. Seeing that I can catch up on all the Science Fiction episodes that I never really have time to watch during regularly scheduled time's.

With my HP mini 1154nr at hand today (BTW just got it back from HP with replacement hard drive.. and yet it has to go back .. has more damage than when it left me. Waiting on a call back from a case specialist... DAMN IT)

I was hopeful that now with Adobe's new Flash Player...

I may be able to play all of the content of Caprica or the episodes of SG1 in all of their grandeur at 480p.

Well sad to say I was wrong .. I did skim through the Beta 2 Release Notes and made sure to un-install any previous versions of Flash Player by using the "Add or Remove Programs" in the control panel.

Then and only the installed the packages from Adobe found HERE

And then immediately proceeded to Hulu and started watching Part 2 Pilot of Caprica. Unfortunately it is still skipping and jerking at 480p full screen.

Why??? well to continue on with the release notes.
"Flash Player 10.1 supports hardware decoding of H.264 video on Windows platforms when running with supported hardware."

Well this BYTES... My little netbook from HP specifically the mini 1154nr and the little ones 1151nr contain the Mobile Intel 945 Express Chip-set.

And low and behold for Flash Player 10.1 Beta 2 to give the advantage of hardware acceleration the computer needs to have a Mobile Intel 4 series Express chip-set.

Well that's a total bummer... I guess I will just have to wait till some one on CraigsList wants to give up their HP mini 311 for cheap. Some of the other chip sets that are supported are

Nvidia ION, Nvidia GeForce, and Quadro-powerd PC's
Broadcom BCM70012 found in systems with Broadcom Crystal HD Enhanced Video Accelerator. ( of which some older HP NetBook's also have )

hmmm... can you see another wright up in the future "Adding a Broadcom Crytal HD Accelerator in the mini 1000 how to"... will have to look in to the cost of that.. and how..

And a good long list of AMD/ATI video chipset's

So for now I will just have to be content with my HULU at standard resolution of 360p but its still relax time.. for sure.

Check out the Release Notes HERE


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