Monday, January 11, 2010

HP Pavilion DV2000 Laptop Disassembly Tear-down Part 1

How To Disassemble the HP DV2000 series Notebook's / Laptop's Disassembly Tear-Down with photos.

How to take apart HP Pavillion dv2000 series notebook / laptop

Tear down Guide for the DV series laptops from HP and Compaq

This is a quick post showing a DV2000 tear-down.

Level of experience needed: Advanced (this is not to say anyone should not be able to do this it will just take more time)

***Now here is a NEW video showing the DV9000 done in under 15 min check it out***

Click Here for the new Video

Time for Tear-Down: 25 min. (including taking pictures) I love these little HP Pavilion DV2000 Series 14.2" wide screen laptops... HP just needs to come out with a 12" model..

If you are here due to no video click here for the DIY fix

What is needed: Clean Space to work you should have an anti-static mat and wrist strap as well.

make sure you discharge any static build up before working on any electronic components
and if you get up to get coffee or any other reason discharge again before touching anything

****** Warning this will void the warranty of your HP Pavilion DV2000 (if you still have one) and can render your DV2000 useless if you do something wrong if you are not comfortable taking this or any electronic product apart have a qualified Service Technician do if for you I take no responsibilities if you decide to to this your self. There is always a risk of electrocution as well capacitors can retain a charge and the power supply as well as the battery should be removed when any repair is made. (have to do this warning just a CYA thing) OH BTW DON'T DO THIS (ok that should cover me)********

Tools you should have

Now Available a PDF Download an AD FREE and Printable 3$ dollar file of this DV2000 Tear Down guide, all for less than a cup of coffee at Starbucks ;).

Every thing in the top Black tool kit was not used in this tear-down but is good to have when you are working on computers.

The Screw Driver kit in red is a great cheap kit for 12$ at your local Tool King, Checker Auto Parts, or Wal-Mart.

Next is the HP Pavilion DV2000

Like I have mentioned I love these little DV2000 series laptops / notebooks I use both Mac and PC's so I am not partial to one or the other .. IMO the fit and finnish of the DV series from HP are just great.

Now Available a PDF Download an AD FREE and Printable 3$ dollar file of this DV2000 Tear Down guide, all for less than a cup of coffee at Starbucks ;).

Here you can see the screws on the bottom of the HP Pavilion DV2000 you can get to before taking out the battery, memory cover, Wi-Fi cover, or the Hard drive cover.

After taking the battery out you are presented with 5 screws the 2 smaller ones hold the Quick Launch bezel. The 3 longer screws accross the top are holding the Keyboard ...

After removing all of the covers from the bottom of the DV2000 you now can see where you need to remove the hard drive ..... the screw for the DVD drive and Wi-Fi.

Here is a better shot of the hard and the screws for it ...

Now Available a PDF Download an AD FREE and Printable 3$ dollar file of this DV2000 Tear Down guide, all for less than a cup of coffee at Starbucks ;).

Lift up on the tab for the hard drive and it will just pull right out.

Once you have the hard drive removed you will see 3 smaller screws that will need to be removed.

***** "The Best things in life are Free" (quote from somewhere idk)..... but if this site has helped you in any way ....


or buy a guide...

Here is the screw that will release the DVD drive.  once its out just pull on the drive and it will release.

Once you have the DVD drive out you will find 2 more small screws that are holding this side of the case to the top chassis.

Next is the Wi-Fi .. to be honest it is best to just remove it now .. you will have to pull the cables through the board later to remove the LCD panel and the top chassis.

Now Available a PDF Download an AD FREE and Printable 3$ dollar file of this DV2000 Tear Down guide, all for less than a cup of coffee at Starbucks ;).

On to Part 2.....

If you are here due to no video click here for the DIY fix

Models Possibly affected.
HP Pavilion MC Ent. dv2326ea, HP Pavilion dv2000T CTO, HP Pavilion dv2200 CTO, HP Pavilion dv2200ea, P Pavilion dv2201au Notebook PC, HP Pavilion dv2201ca, HP Pavilion dv2201tu, HP Pavilion dv2202au, HP Pavilion dv2202ca, HP Pavilion dv2202tu, HP Pavilion dv2202xx, HP Pavilion dv2203au, HP Pavilion dv2203tu, HP Pavilion dv2204au
HP Pavilion dv2204tu, HP Pavilion dv2205ea
HP Pavilion dv2205tu, HP Pavilion dv2206tu, HP Pavilion dv2207tu, HP Pavilion dv2208ea, HP Pavilion dv2208tu, HP Pavilion dv2209ea, HP Pavilion dv2209tu, HP Pavilion dv2210ea, HP Pavilion dv2210tu, HP Pavilion dv2210us, HP Pavilion dv2211tu, HP Pavilion dv2212tu, HP Pavilion dv2213ca, HP Pavilion dv2213cl, HP Pavilion dv2213tu, HP Pavilion dv2214tu, HP Pavilion dv2215ea, HP Pavilion dv2215tu, HP Pavilion dv2216ea, HP Pavilion dv2216tu, HP Pavilion dv2217ea, HP Pavilion dv2217nr, HP Pavilion dv2217tu, HP Pavilion dv2218tu, HP Pavilion dv2220la, HP Pavilion dv2220us, HP Pavilion dv2221us, HP Pavilion dv2222la, HP Pavilion dv2225la, HP Pavilion dv2225nr, HP Pavilion dv2235la, HP Pavilion dv2240br, HP Pavilion dv2244ea, HP Pavilion dv2245br, HP Pavilion dv2247br, Pavilion dv2250br
HP Pavilion dv2255br, HP Pavilion dv2260br,
HP Pavilion dv2275ea, Pavilion dv2276ea,
HP Pavilion dv2301au, HP Pavilion dv2301tu,
HP Pavilion dv2302AU, HP Pavilion dv2302tu,
HP Pavilion dv2303AU, HP Pavilion dv2303tu,
HP Pavilion dv2304AU, HP Pavilion dv2304tu,
HP Pavilion dv2305au, HP Pavilion dv2305ea,
HP Pavilion dv2306au, HP Pavilion dv2306ea,
HP Pavilion dv2308tu, HP Pavilion dv2309tu,
HP Pavilion dv2310ca, HP Pavilion dv2310us,
HP Pavilion dv2311tu, HP Pavilion dv2312us,
HP Pavilion dv2313ca, HP Pavilion dv2313cl,
HP Pavilion dv2315nr, HP Pavilion dv2315us,
HP Pavilion dv2317ca, HP Pavilion dv2317us,
HP Pavilion dv2320la, HP Pavilion dv2320us,
HP Pavilion dv2322la, HP Pavilion dv2323ea,
HP Pavilion dv2324ea, HP Pavilion dv2325ea,
HP Pavilion dv2325la, HP Pavilion dv2327ea,
HP Pavilion dv2348ea, HP Pavilion dv2363ea,
HP Pavilion dv2400 CTO, HP Pavilion dv2401au,
HP Pavilion dv2402au, HP Pavilion dv2402xx,
HP Pavilion dv2403au, HP Pavilion dv2404au,
HP Pavilion dv2404ca, HP Pavilion dv2405au,
HP Pavilion dv2406tu, HP Pavilion dv2410ca,
HP Pavilion dv2410us, HP Pavilion dv2412ca,
HP Pavilion dv2413ca, HP Pavilion dv2413cl,
HP Pavilion dv2415nr, HP Pavilion dv2416us,
HP Pavilion dv2418nr, HP Pavilion dv2419us,
HP Pavilion dv2420us, HP Pavilion dv2422ca,
HP Pavilion dv2432nr, Compaq Presario V3200 CTO,
Compaq Presario V3201AU, Compaq Presario V3202AU,
Compaq Presario V3203AU, Compaq Presario V3204AU,
Compaq Presario V3205AU, Compaq Presario V3206AU,
Compaq Presario V3207AU, Compaq Presario V3208AU,
Compaq Presario V3209AU, Compaq Presario V3212AU,
Compaq Presario V3213AU, Compaq Presario V3214AU,
Compaq Presario V3215AU, Compaq Presario V3217AU,
Compaq Presario V3217LA, Compaq Presario V3218AU,
Compaq Presario V3218LA, Compaq Presario V3220AU,
Compaq Presario V3221AU, Compaq Presario V3224AU,
Compaq Presario V3225AU, Compaq Presario V3226AU,
Compaq Presario V3227AU, Compaq Presario V3228AU,
Compaq Presario V3229AU, Compaq Presario V3230AU,
Compaq Presario V3231AU, Compaq Presario V3232AU,
Compaq Presario V3233AU, Compaq Presario V3235AU,
Compaq Presario V3236AU, Compaq Presario V3237AU,
Compaq Presario V3238AU, Compaq Presario V3241AU,
Compaq Presario V3242AU, Compaq Presario V3243AU,
Compaq Presario V3244AU, Compaq Presario V3245AU,
Compaq Presario V3246AU, Compaq Presario V3247AU,
Compaq Presario V3252AU, Compaq Presario V3253AU,
Compaq Presario V3254AU, Compaq Presario V3255AU,
Compaq Presario V3308AU, Compaq Presario V3309AU,
Compaq Presario V3310AU, Compaq Presario V3311AU, VB3264 120G,
Compaq Presario V3312AU, Compaq Presario V3317LA,
Compaq Presario V3400 CTO, Compaq Presario V3401AU,
Compaq Presario V3402AU, Compaq Presario V3403AU,
Compaq Presario V3404AU, Compaq Presario V3406AU,
Compaq Presario V3407AU, Compaq Presario V3408AU,
Compaq Presario V3409AU, Compaq Presario V3410AU,
Compaq Presario V3412AU, Compaq Presario V3413AU,
Compaq Presario V3414AU, Compaq Presario V3415AU,
Compaq Presario V3416AU, Compaq Presario V3417AU,
Compaq Presario V3417LA, Compaq Presario V3418AU,
Compaq Presario V3418LA, Compaq Presario V3419AU,
Compaq Presario V3420AU, Compaq Presario V3421AU,
Compaq Presario V3422AU, Compaq Presario V3423AU,
Compaq Presario V3424AU, Compaq Presario V3425AU,
Compaq Presario V3426AU, Compaq Presario V3430AU,
Compaq Presario V3431AU, Compaq Presario V3432AU,
Compaq Presario V3433AU, Compaq Presario V3441TU,
Compaq Presario V3442TU,


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