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DV9000 Disassembly Tear-down Part 1

How To Disassemble the HP DV9000 series Notebook's / Laptop's Disassembly Tear-Down with photos.

How to take apart HP Pavillion dv9000

Tear down Guide for the DV series laptops from HP and Compaq

This is a quick post showing a DV9000 tear-down.

Level of experience needed: Advanced (this is not to say anyone should not be able to do this it will just take more time)

Time for Tear-Down: 30 min. (including taking pictures) this thing is a monster with the 17" screen.

***Now here is a video showing it done in under 15 min check it out***

Click Here for the new Video

What is needed: Clean Space to work you should have an anti-static mat and wrist strap as well.

make sure you discharge any static build up before working on any electronic components
and if you get up to get coffee or any other reason discharge again before touching anything

****** Warning this will void your warranty (if you still have one) and can render your laptop useless if you do something wrong if you are not comfortable taking this or any electronic product apart have a qualified Service Technician do if for you I take no responsibilities if you decide to to this your self. There is always a risk of electrocution as well capacitors can retain a charge and the power supply as well as the battery should be removed when any repair is made. (have to do this warning just a CYA thing) OH BTW DON'T DO THIS (ok that should cover me)********

Tools you should have

Every thing in the top Black tool kit was not used in this tear-down but is good to have when you are working on computers.

The Screw Driver kit in red is a great cheap kit for 12$ at your local Tool King, Checker Auto Parts, or Wal-Mart.

Next is the Laptop.

Now Available a PDF Download an AD FREE and Printable 3$ dollar file of this DV9000 Tear Down guide, all for less than a cup of coffee at Starbucks ;).

**** Side note here .. I can't get over this series of laptops from HP they are glossy all over and have the cool quick touch buttons on the top.. and the screens are just glorious to look at ...

Flip the notebook over and I have circled all of the screws you can get to with out taking any of the panels off yet.

Take the battery out and you will find 6 small silver screws that hold the Quick Launch assembly.

**** Just a note here ... all of the external screws will be black from the bottom .. the other screws inside of the compartments are mostly silver that should help a little bit in organization so you know where most of them go.*******

Take the Hard drive cover off and you can see the pull tab for the hard drive

Now Available a PDF Download an AD FREE and Printable 3$ dollar file of this DV9000 Tear Down guide, all for less than a cup of coffee at Starbucks ;).

Carefully pull on the tab and the hard drive will come right out.

After you remove the hard drive you will find another small silver screw simmilar to the ones in the battery bay.

Now Available a PDF Download an AD FREE and Printable 3$ dollar file of this DV9000 Tear Down guide, all for less than a cup of coffee at Starbucks ;).

Next to the hard drive bay is where the network card and memory modules at this time you should disconnect the Wi-Fi cables you will have to pull those up through the system board later.  Also remove the screws in the card and remove the card it self.  These screws go through the system board and attach to the top assembly.

***** "The Best things in life are Free" (quote from somewhere idk)..... but if this site has helped you in any way ....


or buy a guide...

Next is the Secondary hard drive bay... **** now this is really cool if you ever wanted a terabyte laptop this is it ... you could stick another 500GB hard drive or more.. ****

In this bay there are 3 more small silver screws to remove

This screw most likely was already removed but this is the one that hold the DVD-RW / CD ROM in place .. after it is removed just grasp the drive and pull it out.


That is all there is for the bottom of the laptop.  This is the way I keep the screws organized .. some folks use Styrofoam or something else to keep them organized .. I just use a white piece of copy paper and put the screws upside down on it the way they came out ... you could label them as well ... but its up to you how you remember where everything goes. On to part 2 the link is below.

Now Available a PDF Download an AD FREE and Printable 3$ dollar file of this DV9000 Tear Down guide, all for less than a cup of coffee at Starbucks ;).

On to Part 2

For More Great info on Laptop Repair Tips Hit the author is also the same guy that started

To find that long lost friend

HP Pavilion dv9000 CTO Notebook PC EY797AV, HP Pavilion dv9200 CTO EZ345AV, EZ345AVR
HP Pavilion dv9000T CTO EZ379AV, EZ379AVR
HP Pavilion dv9392ea GF738EA
HP Pavilion dv9394ea GF739EA, GF739EAR, GF740EA
HP Pavilion dv9395ea GF741EA, GF742EA
HP Pavilion dv9397ea GF755EA, GF755EAR
HP Pavilion dv9304tx GG193PA, GG193PAR
HP Pavilion dv9305tx GG202PA, GG202PAR
HP Pavilion dv9306tx GG203PA
HP Pavilion dv9307tx GG210PA, GG210PAR
HP Pavilion dv9309tx GG222PA
HP Pavilion dv9385ea GH837EA, GH837EAR
HP Pavilion dv9379ea GH839EA, GH839EAR
HP Pavilion dv9381ea GH843EA, GH843EAR
HP Pavilion dv9399ea GH844EA, GH844EAR
HP Pavilion dv9320ea GH845EA, GH845EAR
HP Pavilion dv9380ea GH847EA, GH847EAR
HP Pavilion dv9396ea GH849EA, GH849EAR
HP Pavilion dv9397ea GH850EA
HP Pavilion dv9377ea GH851EA, GH851EAR
HP Pavilion dv9390ea GH852EA, GH852EAR
HP Pavilion dv9389ea GH853EA, GH853EAR
HP Pavilion dv9311tx GJ155PA
HP Pavilion dv9002tx RE043PA
HP Pavilion dv9004tx RE045PA
HP Pavilion dv9005tx RE083PA, RE083PAR
HP Pavilion dv9007tx RE131PA, RE131PAR
HP Pavilion dv9008tx RE132PA, RE132PAR
HP Pavilion dv9000 CTO RF311AV
HP Pavilion dv9100 CTO RF312AV
HP Pavilion dv9013tx RL374PA
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HP Pavillion dv9020tx RM536PA, RM536PAR
HP Pavilion dv9021tx RM550PA, RM550PAR
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HP Pavilion dv9016tx RL566PA, RL566PAR
HP Pavilion dv9019tx RL767PA
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HP Pavilion dv9085ea RP620EA, RP620EAR, RP622EA, RP622EAR
HP Pavilion dv9087ea RP625EA, RP625EAR
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HP Pavilion dv9097ea RP919EA, RP919EAR
HP Pavilion dv9095xx RQ877AS
HP Pavilion dv9089ea RR324EA, RR324EAR
HP Pavilion dv9073ea RR327EA, RR327EAR
HP Pavilion dv9083ea RR328EA, RR328EAR
HP Pavilion dv9038ea RR331EA, RR331EAR
HP Pavilion dv9060ea RR332EA, RR332EAR
HP Pavilion dv9081ea RR333EA, RR333EAR
HP Pavilion dv9099ea RR334EA, RR334EAR
HP Pavilion dv9086ea RR335EA
HP Pavilion dv9095eu RR349EA, RR349EAR
HP Pavilion dv9085eu RR351EA, RR351EAR
HP Pavilion dv9286ea RR357EA, RR357EAR
HP Pavilion dv9297ea RR358EA, RR358EAR
HP Pavilion dv9283ea RR361EA, RR361EAR
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HP Pavilion dv9207tx RU896PA
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HP Pavilion dv9210tx RU948PA
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HP Pavilion dv9201tx RU858PA, RU858PAR
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HP Pavilion dv9223tx RZ900PA
HP Pavilion dv9224tx RZ916PA, RZ916PAR
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