Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Apple's New iPad Anouncement Steve Jobs Demonstrating

Apple's New iPad Announcement Steve Jobs Demonstrating

Sorry Apple and Steve ... but just looks to be an over-sized iPod Touch IMO

*** side note again ;) ... but the name iPad sounds like something that belongs in the feminine hygiene product isle at the supermarket ... not sold at the Apple Store. (Just a thought) ***

This will not replace .. a Laptop or even your iPod Touch or your iPhone.. it wont fit in your pocket. Try jogging, running, or going to the gym with it... (yeah like I do any of that hehehe ...)

with an initial Price Point of 499.00 U.S. It seems

economical enough for the average Joe to afford. But is this something every one will want??

With a 9.7 inch LED back-lit display it certainly looks great,
and at a pound and a half will be easy to carry around and use.

Apple is saying that with the A4 chip it will have up to a 10 hour battery, which will be good to media hungry folks like myself.

Built in Wireless 802.11n will take advantage of even the fastest Wi-Fi network currently available.

Will also be released with 3G for the road warrior group. That can't live with out i-net a way from the office.

Built in Bluetooth 2.1 is a must in any product that comes out from now on (at least it is to me) and the iPad has it .. this will allow for wireless head phones, keyboard, mouse, and other geek toys as they become available.

Now the bad:

From all appearances no Web Cam ... or Camera of any type..

The OS (operating system) seems to be an over grown iPhone or iPod Touch platform. No Multi-Tasking capabilities.

You will be limited to Apps from the Apps Store. (I'm sure it will be jail-broken in no time after launch)

This I am sure will be limited to apps ... word, excel, other types of document editing not built in.

I will continue with this as I get more information..

But from first blush... this will be a very popular device for the got to have it now folks ... but as for me .. it would just be another toy that I would have to lug around with me and I already have toooooo many. I will wait a year or 2 till I find one on CraigsList for 100 bucks.. or less.

This will not replace .. a Laptop or even your iPod Touch or your iPhone..


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