Friday, August 13, 2010

Gateway LT3103 Hard Drive Upgrade How To

Gateway LT3103 Hard Drive Upgrade How To

DIY Hard Drive removal Gateway LT31 series NetBook for the review click here

If you need to put Windows 7 on the LT31 series NetBook check out this post

Gateway has made it incredibly easy to get to the Hard Drive and other components on the LT31 series NetBook.

But here is a quick tutorial / DIY how to.

***Before you Change out your Hard Drive always back up your data even if you are planning a clean install. If you need to make an image of your disk or duplicate it my suggestion is to use one of the Software Products from EASEUS (click here) these guys have saved my butt numerous times. Their software is just Fantastic.. nuf said ***

Flip the Gateway LT3103u over so you are looking at the underside.

Remove the battery. Just push the 2 slides out and pull the battery loose.

The three screws on the top left side are the ones we will be removing, they are attached to the cover so no need to remove them entirely.

From CE's Geekbook

Pry the cover off and you will see the 2 screws holding the hard drive and hard drive chassis in the Gateway LT3103u

Remove the screws Pull back on the tab to release the hard drive from the connector.

From CE's Geekbook

Once you have it out remove the screws on the Hard drive chassis and you can replace your hard drive with either a solid state drive for performance or a 500GB or larger 7200 rpm drive for performance and space *** If you do go with a faster drive than what is in the Gateway LT31 series already .. expect a degraded performance from the battery it definitely will shorten the battery life ****

Good Luck in all of your endeavors... Remember Digital is bliss, but cheap is priceless.


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