Sunday, August 1, 2010

What is inside Apple's iPod Touch 32GB

A look inside an Apple iPod Touch 32GB. Have you ever wondered what the insides of your Touch looks like, but did not want to actually take it apart because of how expensive that little marvel of technology is. Well so you don't have to.... I have disassembled the 32GB iPod Touch for you.

Here you can see all 4 major parts the Digitizer, Screen, the base Logic Board, and the battery.

This image shows the back side of the screen and the connector

here you can see the connection for the battery to the logic board. And the front side of the iPod Touch 32GB logic board.

The back side of the logic board

and the circuit board for on/off and the connection for the digitizer and volume buttons.

Now you Know whats in the iPod Touch and don't have to take yours apart.


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