Friday, August 13, 2010

Gateway LT3103u How to get to the Memory

Gateway LT3103 Memory How To

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Gateway has made it incredibly easy to get to the Memory, Hard Drive, and other components on the LT31 series NetBook.

But to show you how easy it is... You will only need to do this if the chip goes bad for some reason or ... if you got a model that only shipped with 1GB of ram. The one I have shipped with the maximum amount of ram which is 2GB's

Flip the Gateway LT3103u over so you are looking at the underside.

Remove the battery. Just push the 2 slides out and pull the battery loose.

The two screws on the lower right side are the ones we will be removing, they are attached to the cover so no need to remove them entirely.

Loosen the screws and pry the cover up ... pull outward on each of the silver keepers and the memory will pop loose ... replace with ddr2 5300 or the like memory ... and you are ready to rock and roll..

Good luck in all your endeavors, and remember Digital is bliss, but cheap is priceless....

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