Monday, August 2, 2010

Windows 7 on a Gateway LT31 series NetBook, Drivers

The Gateway LT31 series NetBook shipped with Windows Vista Home basic and you want to put Windows 7 on it so that it runs faster. But Gateway has neglected Windows 7 and the drivers are not on the Gateway support website for the LT31 series NetBook.

Never fear .. we have found drivers for the ATI Radeon X1270 GPU for Windows 7, as well as drivers for the Card Reader, The Atheros and Broadcom Windows 7 Drivers for the Gateway LT31 series NetBook.

The install of Windows 7 on the Gateway was relatively painless. You either need to attach a USB CD/DVD drive and install from there or put the install on a USB thumb drive of no less that 4GB

But when Windows 7 actually booted in to the GUI the Video drivers for the ATI Radeon X1270 GPU where no where to be found and windows update was absolutely no help either. Gateways support site for the LT31 series showed no support for the NetBook and Windows 7 ... (that is if you can get in there at all) There FTP site sucks BTW have never seen so many issues in getting drivers.

BTW these drivers have only been tested with Windows 7 32 bit version on the Gateway LT31 series Netbook.

Well after a lot of research I have found that these drivers for the ATI Radeon X1270 GPU will work just fine. ATI has not updated these drivers and this may not be the most updated depending on when you are reading this ... but it should get you up and running

Also the WLan drivers for the Gateway LT31 series netbook were MIA as well but the link is here to Atheros LT31 Wi-Fi

as well as other drivers for Windows 7 and the Gateway LT31 series NetBook that may help you out.

Card Reader Realtek

Synaptics Touch Pad drvier
Broadcom Network adapter.

Good luck and let me know if this helps.


works like a charm...ty very much

Can u help me with video distortion? resolution? do you have this driver?

please can you help me on how to download these drivers am having problems dealing with it
thanks alot

OK updated... the Links for the Drivers... All of the links should work now.

Tks a lot!! U really helped me!!

Here are all drivers for win 7

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