Sunday, August 1, 2010

iMac G5 Logic Board bad capacitors

Apple's iMac G5 Logic Board, iMac G5 will not start up, iMac G5 apple ding but no video, iMac G5 will intermittently start up, iMac G5 only starts up sometimes.

All of these problems can be contributed to Apple using substandard capacitors on the G5 version of the iMac. And will not always require the Logic Board to be replaced.

This week I was able to pick up an 17" iMac G5 with 2GB's of ram and a one Terabyte hard drive. Unfortunately there are a few issues with the iMac.

The first issue was that the iMac would only start up every other time that I turned it on well after a bit of research and pulling the back off I found the issue that plagues quite a few folks.

I have outlined the offending capacitors on the logic board.

and have taken multiple shots of the issue..

On this last image you can see the part number for the larger cap's they are T0442 originals are 1,800 uf 6.3v close to the actual G5 processor. And 1,000 uf 16v shown here ...

Unfortunately, I am good with repairing a lot of issues but soldering is not one of my best suits so I will send this out to a friend at for the actual repair of the 7 capacitors. Will let you know how the repair went ...

and the other problem I have found is the One Terabyte hard drive is toast as well... Darn .. well you can't win them all.. I will have to replace that as well..


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