Sunday, December 25, 2011

Pandigital SuperNova won't boot up

Pandigital stuck on battery charge or supernova stuck on boot up screen.

Or Panditigtal SuperNova bricked.

This should help even if you have not rooted or added Android Market to your Pandigital SuperNova and are having problems.

If after the Market hack or tying to Root the Pandigital SupeNova and it will no boot up for some reason ... you may try this I am not sure if it will work because every thing went fine for me ... but

This fail safe is built in and you can start it by starting up the Pandigital SuperNova and shutting it down before Android actually starts up ... you have to repeat this process at least 3 to 5 times before the fail safe firmware re-flash kicks in but eventually it will.

Fail Safe for bricked Pandigital SuperNova.

Kairnage over at SlateDroid got in contact with Pandigital and wrote this

"Recently when I was having issues with a mod killing my Supernova while I was trying to fix it the system seemed to restore itself without having a restore image on the device and to a revision that was not among the ones I had downloaded. When I requested information about it from Pandigital I was ignored.

Today I called and pretended to have a bricked tablet. I said I had bought ten for Christmas gifts and was going to return them all if they could not fix it. After the usual "What have you done to it?" questions the tech asked me how many times I had powered down the device. I told him twice. He asked me to try it one more time. I pretended to that suddenly the system was restoring. After he said to wait for it to boot I said I didn't have any restore files on the pad because I had just opened it. He explained that some of the Pandigital line have a "boot error count". He said he wasn't sure if it was 3 or 5 but basically after the system registers a failed boot it begins a count. If it hits the determined number without booting it will fall back to the firmware installed at the factory.

He said that is how they determine if a tablet is truly bricked, having the customer power on, wait 2 or 3 minutes, repeat at least 5 times. If it doesn't boot or start to restore they have them send the unit back."


I had this happen to me after installing some google apps. I went into the Root Menu eventually and did a wipe date and wipe cache option as a last resort.

Restarted and booted back up and gave me the first time set-up screen and just followed the directions.

Happened once more after this because I didn't follow the Google App install list.

Was a reformat basically but I was able to re-install the google apps again in the correct order and is working perfectly.

1. Power the device down by holding the power and volume up buttons until the screen turns off. At this time also remove any SD card you might have inserted into the device.
2. When the device is powered off, hold the power and the volume up and down buttons simultaneously. When the Pandigital logo appears release the three buttons
3. Immediately again press all three of the power and volume buttons until the Pandigital logo appears again, then let go. The device then should display an image of a triangle with an Android robot and an exclamation point.
4. Once the Android triangle image appears tap and release the power and volume up and down buttons.
5. To navigate through the recovery use the volume down button until “Wipe data and cache” is highlighted.
6. Tap the power button to select “Wipe data and cache”, you will then be asked to confirm you selection. Use the volume down button to highlight “Yes” then tap the power button to confirm.
7. Once the system has wiped the cache and data you will be directed back to the main menu of recovery mode. “Reboot system now” should be highlighted, if not use the volume down button to highlight this option.
8. Tap the power button to select “Reboot system now” once it has been highlighted.
9. After a few moments the device will reboot. When it has fully powered up you will be directed to the device’s initial setup wizard. Please follow these prompts to reset your preferences.
10. Once you have completed the setup wizard your device will be as good as new.

- Enjoy guys.

Oh I think it is working, oh, I hope so. oh yes it did!!!! Thank you Sooooo much! Would you mind if i share this solution with others?

A couple more things. The recovery can be accessed as mentioned above but you need to make sure there is not a firmware file in the internal storage as well or it will run as an update. Once you see the triangle you only need to press and release power then volume up. You can also verify the Failsafe version in the last selection of the menu.

I was able to get everything to work except the market. Any suggestions?

About how long will the system has wipe all the cache and data?

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