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Root Pandigital SuperNova

Pandigital SuperNova Root
Rooting the Pandigital SuperNova fast and easy using GingerBreak v1.2. This 8" Android Tablet is the bomb straight out of the box fast great capacitive touch screen ready to rock and roll with Amazon Appstore (download required) GingerBread Android the Pandigital SuperNova will be a great gift to someone that does not want to carry around the heavy bulky laptop for light internet surfing, social media, music, and movies.



At this time you may not be able to un-Root until a new Firmware is pushed out by Pandigital but you can try to un-root or reset the the Pandigital SuperNova by going in to Settings > Privacy settings and press Factory data reset. if you don't want root any more after doing this process. This should wipe every thing (including apps and personal data so back up what you need) and put the SuperNova back to the way it was out of the box.****

**** As always Not responsible for your tablet you are anything you do here could brick your android tablet and / or void the warranty... Use at your own risk ****

If you do get in to a bad spot ... may be no help but check this post.
Fail Safe for bricked Pandigital SuperNova. for possible recovery of Stuck on boot or battery.

First thing you will need to do is grab GingerBreak HERE link off XDA Kudoos to Chainfire over at XDA for GingerBreak TKS.

Now here is the trick
you need to get the GingerBreak.apk on the internal memory of the Pandigital SuperNova because during the scripts and things going on with GingerBreak your sd card will dismount. And you must also have a formated sd card in during the process, it will reboot during the root process as well.

I just plugged the Pandigital SuperNova in to my Mac and turned on USB storage

Pandigital SuperNova Root

Donations are always accepted

Pandigital SuperNova Root

Pandigital SuperNova Root

Copied the GingerBreak.apk over to the download on the internal memory of the Pandigital SuperNova.

Eject the storage from the Mac and I'm ready to go.

Make sure USB debugging enabled on your device Settings > Application settings > Development.

Make sure you have an SD card (formatted and) inserted

Get the APK on the phone somehow, and install it (see above)

Open the APK, press the root button (should be in your menu now)

Pandigital SuperNova Root

Wait a few minutes. If there are no problems, the device will reboot (note that the
reboot itself can take like 10 minutes due to cache wipe)

Make sure the Superuser app is install and working

Donations are always accepted

Pandigital SuperNova Root SuperUser

Optional: Install BusyBox from Market (I personally prefer the stericsson installer)

(How To Install Market on the Pandigital SuperNova in the next post)

Optional: Uninstall GingerBreak, you don't need it on your SuperNova anymore

And you are rooted. Go get Titanium Backup and start playing around with things.

Here is more info from XDA on the GingerBreak APK

Donations are always accepted


I CANT UN-root!!! And I needed UNrooted please tell me how?

Once I have it loaded on internal memory how do I go about finding it on the supernova?

Update not sure if this will help the folks that have had problems... but

Fail Safe for bricked Pandigital SuperNova. for possible recovery of Stuck on boot or battery.

I was able to root successfully but:

1. I noticed that there aren't many choice differences between the apps on the "Vending" market and the stocked Getjar one.

2. Any way to get the separate searched "apk" files to actually run? I was trying to download Netflix, Skype, etc. through Google using the "apk" format. But none of them are able to work, even after following the steps and successfully rooting the tablet. Anyone have any recommendations or pointers?

Thank you! Took me a minute to find the APK file but once I worked perfectly. I am on to my boyfriends next!

By rooting, will this allow me to uninstall all the bloatware (Barnes & Noble, ect) from the supernova?


Yes this should allow you to remaove anything you want.. (be careful ;) )

I use Titanium Back Up and this will allow you to uninstall apps. Including Bloatware off of the Pandigital SuperNova

To get an updated version of Market on the Pandigital Supernova, try this one. I have installed every version and this one seems to work.

i second the the comment about finding the apk file, i have put it in the download file, but i cannot find it on the device

----^^^ nevermind, idk what i did but i got it to work

I am trying to get Words and Hanging with Friends (both free versions) onto my Pandigital Supernova, but even after rooting, downloading the vending.apk, and going to the android market website through the browser, I cannot get these two games downloaded. Do you have a way for me to get these apps.

@anon try searching google for words with friends i was able to find the apk for it (google "words with friends apk")

by the way if you cant find it from a google search there are a lott more markets out there other than the android market

this worked for me !
easiest jailbreak since oneclick-root

I rooted and installed the market on my supernova in December when I bought it, using this instructions. Today I got a notice from pandigital that my there is a firmware update available through pandigital. I declined the update. I want to know, if a accept the firmware update, does it undo all my rooting and market installation?I have two of these tablets in the family so I want to know before I undo your great instructions. If it does, am I able to root again?

^ it will unroot but it wont un install any apps.... the problem being is that you might not be able to root on this new version. so i'd just leave it be until somebody else does it.

What exactly do you mean by a "formatted" SD card? Do you mean that I have to a completely blank SD card? Or is an SD card that has been formatted in the past and currently has data on it is OK?

To be honest I would start with a freshly formatted SD card not one that has other stuff on it already just to be on the safe side.

I am having problems with the touch screen not registering my touch how can i fix this alreasy reset more than a couple of times am very sad cause never had a problem before this.

To the Anonymous poster ... Had this problem as well where it would no longer register any touch or even let us unlock the tablet, on a fresh clean un-rooted SuperNova .. Had to send it back was not something software it was a hardware issue.

Downloaded but cant find super user what did i do wrong

I rooted (thanks BTW, worked great) but now I have a dead touch screen too. I'm going to send it in, but is there any way to remove the other stuff before I do so? I'm worried they'll claim I voided my warranty. Or is this nothing to worry about? I actually returned to factory settings also, just in case that worked to unfreeze the screen.

I have to return mine, screen not responding. Do you think that I should try to take the superuser off because it voids the warranty? Thnks for the great rooting directions, btw, worked great!

Hello, I rooted mine and it works great, or it did, my sound stopped working on the unit, however if I use Bluetooth headset it works great? Any ideas?

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