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How to add Bluetooth to the DV6000

How to upgrade a DV6000 with bluetooth. Possibly these series of laptops as well dv2000, dv9000, Compaq v5000, v6000, v3000 they all have similar builds

How to add stock bluetooth to the HP Pavilion dv6000

This guide is a follow up to the how to take apart the HP Pavilion dv6000 tear down guide

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*****Warnings again .... CYA stuff**********
make sure you discharge any static build up before working on any electronic components
and if you get up to get coffee or any other reason discharge again before touching anything

****** Warning this will void your warranty (if you still have one) and can render your laptop useless if you do something wrong if you are not comfortable taking this or any electronic product apart have a qualified Service Technician do if for you I take no responsibilities if you decide to to this your self. There is always a risk of electrocution as well capacitors can retain a charge and the power supply as well as the battery should be removed when any repair is made. (have to do this warning just a CYA thing) OH BTW DON'T DO THIS (ok that should cover me)********

This assumes that your dv6000 system board is capable of accepting the bluetooth module you will have to verify with HP that your system board can do this ... or follow the previous guides Part 1 and Part 2 to verify the connector is on the system board that I will show in the pictures exist..

If your system has a web cam there is a very good

possibility that your system will accept the stock bluetooth module.

After you have verified your system will accept the bluetooth follow part 1 and 2 of the tear-down guide for the dv and order a bluetooth module off of E-Bay (Fee-Bay as I like to refer to it) ... they go for 19.99$ usually with free shipping ... if your module is ordered from a foreign country it may take an extended time to get to you .. for me it was 15 days...

I know the pictures are not very good... but this shows the location of where the bluetooth module will rest on the PCMCIA card cage. there are 2 mounting screws that will hold it in place.

put the module on the card cage and screw it down with the included screws... (Not Shown but you should install the cable on the module first it will make it easier to mount and route the cable)

Route your cable making sure it will not interfere with any other components or get pinched when closing up the case. and attach it to the system board as shown...

Now before I close anything up .... permanently I always test to make sure the system works .. temporarily attach the LCD panel, keyboard, and the Power from the Quick Launch bezel to test. Booted up to Windows ... and it installed no problems.

After the drivers were installed Windows wants a reboot... after reboot

To Prove functionality I paired my motorola s9 head set ... and was immediately rock-in out to tunes...

Put everything back together and enjoy wireless head phone bliss .. with little out of pocket expense and some time and effort on your part...

*** I am providing this information for free to all but if I have helped you, you may consider a small donation 5$ or what ever. So I can continue with this and more information on other repairs. ******

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Hello there :)
I have just read your article about installing bluetooth module to DV6000 and must admit it is very helpful. I own a pavilion from that series, which is without bluetooth and to be honest I may consider buying and installing one.
What I want to ask you if there is a way to use these method to install touch screen addon on my notebook. I have researched and eee pc users use touch screen kits and from the controler of the touch screen they connect to webcam onboard connector. I don't want to loose my webcam, if there is an extra slot on the board.


I am sure there is a a way to modify the laptop to accept a touch screen. But I have not investegated this at all.. I do know that some folks have rewired some of the internal usb connections as well.. but straight out of the box .. the DV series laptops will not have the right hook ups.. you will have to do some serious soldering and finding pin-outs. This is just a bit out of the scope of what I have done.

Hi. Great write up... But I'm having an issue.
After I install the Bluetooth module, the wifi card will no longer allow me to connect to any wifi network.
I've checked and rechecked that everything is properly connected. I also tried disabling the bluetooth module drivers, but no luck.
I'm guessing is a driver issue, but I'm not sure.
Any advice?

Hi. Great write up... But I'm having an issue.
After I install the Bluetooth module, the wifi card will no longer allow me to connect to any wifi network.
I've checked and rechecked that everything is properly connected. I also tried disabling the bluetooth module drivers, but no luck.
I'm guessing is a driver issue, but I'm not sure.
Any advice?

Carlos J.

The first thing I would check is make sure the Broadcom WLAN is showing up in Device Manager if it is try uninstalling it and using the drivers from HP's web site to reinstall them.

If its not showing up in Device Manager .. then you may have the dreaded BGA issue with the video chip ... I know "What does Wi-Fi have to do with Video???"... well with the NForce chip and the Nvidia video controler if the BGA is failing many systems use the bus and the chips including the Wi-Fi.. Keep in touch and let me know how it goes.

Ok. Here's what I've tried: My wlan physical switch is set to ON, but if I manually switch it off, the light stays blue but the hp wireless assistant shows OFF. The drivers that appear in the device manager are for WIDCOMM, not Broadcom. When I search for wireless networks, they appear as available but it doesn't connect. Although I have the bluetooth icon in the taskbar and it is functional, the hp wireless assistant shows that it is disabled and I can't change it. There's no bios option for me to change and I can only connect to to a wireless network if I unplug the bluetooth module. My video card is NVIDIA 8400gs, and the wifi adapter is a separate card that I can remove. Could it be that I'm not using the Broadcom drivers? Should I have the option in the hp wireless assistant to enable/disable bluetooth? I don't know what else check. My laptop is a DV6885SE running on Vista 32bit.

So, another update... I unplugged the bluetooth module, then turn on my laptop and WIFI came up as it normally does and automatically connected. I opened HP wireless assistant and the bluetooth device doesn't show, and as well in Device Manager. I moved the physical WLAN switch to OFF and proceeded to shut down the PC. Once it was completely shut down, I plugged the bluetooth module and turned it back on with the physical switch in OFF (orange light). Once I logged in Vista, I opened HP wireless assistan and both devices were showing, and they were both marked as "disabled by the wlan switch" . I then put the switch to ON, the wifi came on but the bluetooth showed "device disabled in Device Manager", so I checked and it was already enabled. I tried connecting to the wifi, but no luck. Once again, I have bluetooth and no wifi. The difference now was that, when I put the physical switch in OFF, the light starts flashing between orange and blue and it doesn't stop until I switch it back on, but the bluetooth is never disabled.

Carlos J.

Wow sounds like you system is confused some way, I am not sure whats going on with it ... I would remove the drivers for the bluetooth and the WLAN in dev mgr download them off HP's web site here

Broadcom Wireless Lan Driver

Software support for HP integrated Module with bluetooth

Other than that I am at a loss.

Ooops, after looking at the specs of you DV you may have the intel wireless card and not the Broadcom

the intel is an

Pro\Wireless 4965AGN

Yep, it's the Intel wireless card. I've tried removing the drivers, but once that is done, the PC asks me for a restart. When it boots back up, it automatically starts installing drivers by itself and it doesn't allow for me to put the drivers I want.
The device manager shows "Generic Bluetooth Adapter" and when I try to install any Broadcom driver, the bluetooth adapter is not found, even though it's connected and properly functioning. If I unsinstall the bluetooth driver, the PC also wants a reboot and it automatically installs again the drivers once it is restarted.
What if I uninstall the drivers for each and restart in safe mode, would that stop the automatic driver install?

ok, here is what I would try.

Uninstall the drivers one at a time. when it asks to reboot. cancel the reboot .. imediately reinstall the driver with the one downloaded from HP's web site that will force the driver install. when installing the bluethooth it should specificaly identify it self in Dev Mgr as an hp bluetooth module.. the only other thing I would try is flashing the bios with HP provided winflash .. just remeber if something goes wrong with the bios flash you can / will render your laptop useless. so I always do this as a last resort.

Honestly can't see why you are having issues getting this installed it was really straight forward in my instance.

I already tried those steps with no luck. What I did find is that using the "Update Driver Software" option within the device manager, I could choose to install manually. When doing it this way, I found the HP bluetooth module driver, instead of the generic one. I chose it and it installed ok, but again no luck. I also found what you said about the video card working with the wifi, but I have it on my other laptop, a dv2610us, which already has the bluetooth module integrated with the wifi card.
I'm also getting a message that says "Windows detects it is not recieving response from the wireless router", but my other 2 computers are connected wirelessly and don't show the same. I've also checked my bios and it is the same version as the one on the hp site. I'll try reflashing it with the bluetooth module installed to see what happens. I believe that if this doesn't work, I'll just have to remove the module until a solution is found. I'm waiting on a Windows 7 full version to do a clean install. I think this will remove all drivers so I will have to reinstall everything. I'm guessing that doing this could make it work, but until then, I'll flash the bios and see what happens.

Ok... I think I found the source of my problem... I downloaded the Service Manualfor my laptop on the hp site. I checked for the replacement part number for the module and it's not the same one I have. The one I bought is a BCM92046 2.1 Bluetooth module, and what I found was that it should be 2.0 Bluetooth BCM92045. I guess I'll buy the correct one and try again. I'll let you know when I do, and thanks for all your help and tech support :)

Hello again! Back with some good news. The problem was what I thought: bought the wrong part number. I replaced the module with the one defined in the hp manual for my Laptop and voilá, now everything is working as it should. I now have wifi and bluetooth, both functional through the physical switch and the HP wireless assistant. Thanks again for all your help. Take care.

Thanks, for this guide. Installed the module and it works like a charm.

Hi CE's GeeBook,

I am having an HP dv6426us without, O/b bluetooth device. I have read ur post. It is very helpful but is such module available in India or I need to get it imported?
If available in India, can u provide me some information regarding it.


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