Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Upgrade Memory in the HP Pavilion dv6000 laptop

What is Max / Maximum amount of memory the HP Pavilion dv6000 or How much memory can you put in a dv6000

Well the answer is different every where I look so I figured I would try it and find out for my self..

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With the dv6000 I currently have at my disposal, running Windows Vista Home Premium

And the most current BIOS from HP F.3D

You really should be running this BIOS any ways .. it will reduce the risk of toasting the video chip ... (but that is a whole different issue I will try and tackle in a later post)

It seems the system will accept 2 X 2GB memory modules .. for a grand total of 4GB of memory.. The modules I used (in response to a comment) was DuraRam 2X 2GB PC5300 ram .. these came from a Toshiba M45 tablet that I had to replace the system board on .. then turned around and sold that one with 2X 1GB sticks of Corsair ram. You can also use Corsair DDR2 667mhz. Local MicroCenter had the 4GB kit on sale a while ago for 50$...

now heres the issue .. BIOS and Windows will see 4GB's of memory ... bbbuuuuuttt will only utilize 3GB .. not sure if this will change with windows 7 or not .. *** RANT and I am sure the 64 bit version of Vista would use all 4GB but I have found some of my programs refuse to run under Vista. And to be honest I am very happy running XP pro on every other computer I have.. Save for the Mac's in the house be even those run XP under boot camp and Parallels (lol). END RANT****

As you can see in the screen shot ... Vista says yes 4GB is there ... but task manager is only accessing 3GB

Now even though the operating system is only accessing 3GB does not mean you should only put a 2GB and a 1GB module in any time you put memory in a system it is a good idea to put matched sets in speed and size for memory interleaving this will speed up your system and provide less over head than mixing speeds and sizes...

your milage may vary ... have a great day ... comment if you like.

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C'mon, man... It wouldn't hurt to mention what particular type of memory you've used.
Other than that, I just wanted to say "hi" and thanks! :)

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