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New To Me HP mini 2133 NetBook Review

New To Me HP 2133 NetBook Review Pros and Cons
HP mini 2133 netbook business class netbook.

I have been a intrigued with HP's recent line of Laptops and netbooks. Unfortunately I am only able to get and play with at least a generation or 2 previous..

I really need to learn how to stay off of CraigsList (lol)... Well I was looking and am still looking for the HP 2140 this will match the specifications better to what I will be using it for but the 2133 will do for this review. (if you want to donate a 2140 to me I will not refuse it .. and will provide reviews and tear down guides for it as well) ;)

HP historically have had some very good business class Notebooks (IMO) and I really like sub compact notebooks the kind you can throw in a small bag and you are off.. The original "netbook" I had was the HP/Compaq M300 12" magnesium alloy (metal) casing was a great little machine for the time period.

Well the 2133 is built tough with airplane grade aluminum enclosure. This NetBook feels like a real piece of technology when you pick it up and carry it around. It has some weight to it and does not feel like a toy when you pick it up. There is no flexing of the entire unit while you are using it.

With an 8.9 inch Active Matrix Screen that has a resolution of 1280x800. This is actually a better resolution (all be it a smaller screen physically) than the HP Mini 1000 series mentioned in other posts of only 1024x600 but a better screen physical size of 10.2 inches. This better resolution gives the availability of using the netbook to connect to our Citrix and Terminal Servers with better resolution and connect to the applications that require a minimum of 1024x768. Where as the Mini 1000 is incapable of doing that unless you force a different screen resolution and have the desktop scrolling issues.

The screen is very bright and clear even with the very small size (and my eyes are not as good as they once were) I have no problems reading any web page or application I have thrown at it. Some folks will have issues with the Glossy screen due to it will reflect and be difficult to see in very bright situations like outside in the sun. But I think this is something we will have to get use to .. marketing will always win out Matte screens are just not as Sexy as the glossy hi-def screens.

Above the screen is a 640x480 Web cam and the Microphones

The speakers are on either side of the screen and actually have relatively decent sound for a laptop .. but still no real bass.

The one issue I do have with the screen (not just this mini but the 1000 as well) it will not tilt back far enough to uses sitting up right with it in your lap.. if HP had given it 5 more degrees of tilt back it would have been perfect.

Well done HP, they have managed to fit a 92% sized keyboard in to this very compact area. The keys have a great tactile feel and response to them, for me there is no modification to the way I have to type on this unit and it is relatively comfortable to use when on a desk. But when you are using it on your lap there is not much space to rest your wrists.

The Touch Pad will take some getting use to though. For HP to fit the almost full sized keyboard they had to compromise with the touch pad. It is elongated not difficult to mouse around the desktop but will require a bit of scrolling for web pages and documents the pad is a bit short for that .. the mouse buttons are on the sides not in the traditional position at the bottom of the touch pad.. this will also take some getting use to ..(unless you are like my oldest daughter who uses 2 fingers all the time one on the pad the other on left click)

Ports. Left side.

Wow.. a ExpressCard/54 slot on a NetBook this is unheard of ... will give the flexibility of add on cards that most NetBooks will not have.

SD memory card slot.. great for those photographers now you won't have to lug around the big laptop to view and show your shots on site, and will give better backup availability. Also with ReadyBoost for Vista you can use this to expand your memory.

One of the 2 USB ports.

Network Port 10/100/1000 RJ-45

Power Port

And a slot for securing with a laptop lock.

On the right side you see a full size VGA connection .. for connection to a projector for presentations or just hooking it up to a larger screen and expanding your desktop.

The second USB 2.0 port

Separate head phone and mic jacks .. better than the Mini 1000 that uses a combined port for mic and head phones.

And the fan exhaust vent

On the bottom side are the normal things you would expect the HP sticker Windows COA and the intake vents for cooling..

Cooling .. here I think HP went wrong again.. putting the intake vents for cooling and or exhaust should not ever be put on the bottom of the laptop.. The designers should take note here .. people want to use NoteBooks as LAPTOPS!!! The biggest killer of Notebooks (IMO) is heat and folks either using or setting them down on soft surfaces like beds couches and what not... this will cover vents on the bottom of the Notebook.. Apple places the intake and exhaust on the tops of the MacBooks and MacBook Pro's ... come on HP follow suit..

BTW the HP Mini 1000 does have the vents on the top and side as well .. this should be standard.

The 2133 comes standard with 1GB of ram, 120GB hard drive, Via 1.2GHz ULV Processor, and Windows Vista Basic.

Great Resolution on the 8.9 inch screen
54/Express card slot
Cool Aluminum case
almost full sized keyboard
full sized VGA connection for external monitor connections
good for light web surfing and would be great for meetings and
Students taking notes
2.5" SATA laptop hard drive. Makes it easy to upgrade in the future to a larger drive
SD memory slot for photos on the run.

Very Poor Performance with the ULV Via Processor is unwatchable
Due to the low CPU performance and low amount of memory Vista??? come on Vista
This laptop would have been better suited for XP
NO BlueTooth standard on this model.
Poor Performance from the battery lasted 1.5 hr on average mix multi-media and surfing and writing.

Over all the coolness factor of the looks and feel of the 2133 are they worth the price well that is up to you

Like I said before it is good for light web browsing would be great for some one that will not want to watch their fav tv episode online, but would be good for other light computing .. writers, college students, and the business person on the go.

Make your own decision.

Was going to show the tear-down / disassemble of the 2133 with memory upgrades and hard drive upgrades, and bluetooth upgrade .. but alas .. with all things the 2133 found a new home tonight ... cause that's what I do Buy and Sell.. LOL

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