Wednesday, November 25, 2009

HP Mini 1000 (1151nr) Hard Drive How To

How to remove the Hard drive from the HP Mini 1000 or the HP Mini Verizon 1154nr

here is a short tutorial on how to get to the hard drive on the HP Mini 1000

Hp has a great design on these little NetBook's I just wish they could have shoe horned a 2.5" inch SATA drive in these instead of the 1.8" inch zif (zero insertion force) hard drive that they put in. These drives are more expensive to get a hold of and the capacities are smaller as well as the rotational speeds are limited to 4200rpm. This is good to keep things small, light, and a lower power consumption. Just a pain in the %^$ to upgrade.

This is actually not that difficult so here we go....

If you are looking for 1024x768 on an HP Mini 1000 or 1100 (1154NR, 1151NR)

First the Netbook I still can't get over how stunning the display is and the shinny exterior.. The design IMO is just Mavalous.

Turn off the NetBook flip it over and here is what you have, remove the battery the latches are circled. Where to pry for the memory cover is circled too .. here is the post for memory upgrades on this HP Mini 1000

There are only 2 screws to remove ... remember the bottom one (closest to you) is shorter than the top one.

Flip the NetBook Back over and open it up grasp the keyboard close to the function keys I lifted a bit on the f5 key .. not enough to pull the key off ... but enough to get under the keyboard chassis. Bow it up a little.

Here you can see there are 4 small plastic keepers one on each corner of the keyboard.. that is why we are bowing the keyboard just a bit to slip it past those keepers.

once you have the keyboard free you can leave it attached just don't move the assembly around very much, the ribbon cables are relatively delicate and could be easily damaged.

There are 2 more screws holding the hard drive and the hard drive chassis in.

very carefully pull up a little where one of the screws were ... and the drive should shimmy out past the chassis on left side ... as you can see it is free now ...

You can disconnect the ZIF cable ... remove the carrier put it on your new drive .. and just follow the instructions backwards to put it back together..

good luck and have fun...


Had a bad screen on one and bad hd on the other. Just swapped hard drives to get one functional one. Thanks, very helpful.

Excellent tutorial, have been wanting to replace my dead drive for a while. However, you should also mention how to remove ZIF connectors by lifting the latch. It was my first time, and because it was so small, I almost missed it. Still, excellent to the end, thanks!

This looks doable, but my problem right now is a dead hard disk drive.. any pointers on where I can get a 1.8 5mm hard disk drive? I'm in Malaysia.

I wish HP could be bothered to post something like this on their support site. Too bad you are doing the work for them.

Great tutorial, but a little tip:
Instead of prying under one of the top keys to remove the keyboard, which could potentially damage a key, you can just push the circle on the back (under where the battery goes).

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